Introducing USA Synchro's 12 and Under National Team

Swimkins Synchro

USA Synchro is proud to officially announce the 10 athletes named to the 2019 12 and Under National Team. In August, the team will compete at the 2019 UANA Pan American Artistic Swimming Championships held in Windsor, Canada. The team trains in Las Vegas, Nevada.​  Bold indicates current members of the Swimkins Synchronized Swimming Team


Mia Canna BSK

Sabrina He AYS

Viola Li NCY

Caitlin McNamara BSK

Valeria Polyakova LMA

Jennifer Ryu NVN

Mona Schwickert SAZ (Scottsdale)

Jamie Starck BSK

Amy Wang SST

Margaret Zhu SST


Head Coach: Ludi Perrin

Asst. Coach: Leah Pinette

Land Coach: Fred Pasquelin