Pacific Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

Putting Character First

Orinda Aquatics is proud of its tradition of leadership in high school and collegiate athletics:

The 2014 Orinda Aquatics Team Captains are:

Mary Ashby                                 Collin English
Kate Erickson                               Matt Lennon
Lucy Faust                                  Ryan Shaw
Claire Theiren                              Jolen Griffin
                                                 Ryan Birdsall

The 2013 Orinda Aquatics Team Captains are:

Hannah Grubbs                                     Talbot Jacobs
Annie Larsen
Jordan Owyoung

The 2012 Team Captains:

Jenna Haufler                                 Steven Stumph
Samantha Swinton                          Sven Campbell
Megan Fuqua                                  Riley Kalbus
Shannon Herman

2010-2011 Team Captains:

Courtney Whyte                               Steven Stumph
Jordan Tomimatsu                            Riley Kalbus
They are captains not for what they will do,
but for what they have done, day after day, year after year.
The 2009-2010 Orinda Aquatics Team Captains were "Super Heroes":

Rachel Cleak, Brooke Woodward, Ben Smith and Jill Jones


Collegiate Team Captains (so far)



 1. Justin Chiles - Princeton

 2. Zach Disbrow - West Point

 3. Kristen Lewis - UCLA

 4. Peter Varellas - Stanford (waterpolo)

 5. Annie Reding - Columbia (OPP)

 6. Marc Cavellero - UCSB

 7. Susie Bagg - UCSB

 8. Maggie Bever - Washington

 9. Lindsay Hart - Harvard

10. Becca Reingold - Middlebury

11. Colin Scott - Boston College

12. Dustin Luchini - UC Irvine

13. Kent Holland - Brown (waterpolo)

14. Megan Lynn - Carleton College

15. Jack McMahon - Saint Bonaventure

16. Shelby Luchini - Washington State

17. Caroline Bozzini-Lukins - Columbia University

18. Isa Guardalabene - Dartmouth

19. Jill Jones - Cal Poly

20. Courtney Whyte - University of Notre Dame

21. Jenna Haufler - Pomona