Pacific Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

Putting Character First

Orinda Aquatics Policy on Behavior

"Integrity has no need for rules." Albert Camus

The Policy and Philosophy of Orinda Aquatics will be viewed in three areas:

  • The mission and guiding principles of Orinda Aquatics
  • Strict protection of the Orinda Aquatics environment
  • Inappropriate behavior outside of Orinda Aquatics, including the use of drugs or alcohol

1 – The Philosophical Backdrop and Mission of Orinda Aquatics

First, and foremost, it is imperative that all members of Orinda Aquatics, swimmers and parents, fully understand and embrace the team’s mission and values.  The culture and athletic foundation of Orinda Aquatics is based on a high-character athletic process coupled with an integrity-driven lifestyle.  Our core values will be centered on integrity, work ethic, humility, compassion, mutual respect, and team support.  This “character-based” philosophy encompasses all aspects of behavior, attitude, and interaction. There is no divorcing the swimmer or athlete from the person or teammate.  Beyond creating a positive character-based environment, it is the objective of Orinda Aquatics to be a safe-haven for young adults who choose to walk a socially responsible path.  We want to lead the way in this regard and show that it is possible to maintain a positive, healthy, drug and alcohol-free environment for young adults.  While certain activities may be commonplace in society or acceptable locally, we will not tolerate any activity that compromises the integrity of an individual, our team, or the organization as a whole. 

2 – The “Protection” of Orinda Aquatics

Our philosophy should translate into a positive, healthy, and productive environment that supports all members and protects the environment and culture.  Behavioral expectations will encompass every aspect of this program from training, competition and travel, to activities and general personal interaction.  Members will be expected to act with the utmost integrity at all times.  This is the reason that Orinda Aquatics does not travel with chaperones.  As stated above, any action or activity that compromises the integrity of Orinda Aquatics will not be tolerated.  Examples would be inappropriate language, improper attire, lack of team support, negativity/apathy, and tardiness, being disrespectful to anyone, or clearly engaging in activity that is inappropriate or illegal.  Even the smallest infractions will be addressed, and the coaches will be the ones who evaluate and address behavioral issues.

3 – Behavior “Outside” of Orinda Aquatics

While we do not have the desire or intention to monitor or evaluate behavior outside of Orinda Aquatics, we will be steadfast in our effort to protect this team and its culture.  Any action or activity that would be unbecoming of a high-character athlete or representative of the ideals of this program will be addressed, regardless of the circumstance or location.  Anything that translates into dialogue, focus, or rumor within the team or the community will become a team issue, and therefore will be addressed.  With regard to the use of drugs or alcohol outside of Orinda Aquatics, those who engage in such activities, do so in direct contradiction to everything this team stands for.  These actions betray the trust and commitment of the coaches and swimmers, and they jeopardize the organizational foundation and reputation. Additionally, any collegiate swimmer who engages in the use of drugs or alcohol with members of the Orinda Aquatics Senior Group (high school swimmers) will be excused from the team, as this is not the leadership or mentorship we are looking for from older swimmers.  Orinda Aquatics will not need “proof” of such activity to investigate and take action.   

Response to inappropriate actions, or the suspicion of such actions, either within the context of an Orinda Aquatics activity or outside, will be addressed by the staff with the team member involved.  If necessary, a meeting will be held with the member’s parents and or the Board of Directors.  If it is clear that the ideals and philosophies of Orinda Aquatics are not aligned with those of the athlete, we will ask the member/family to leave the team.  Finally, the coaching staff of Orinda Aquatics reserves the right to dismiss any member for actions or attitudes that are counter to the team’s mission and ideals.