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Week of Feb. 15

Matt Ehrenberger

Week of February 15

It is Tuesday - back to the Grind, regular workouts the rest of the week!
February Camp Group PM Workout times - Monday thru Friday:
Sr 3.5, Sr 4 & College: 3:40-5:20
Sr 2 & Sr 3: 5:30-7:00
Junior (all): 7:10-8:30
AM's:  Sr 3.5 & Sr 4 (Wednesday AM 6:00-7:30AM); Sr 2 & Sr 3 (Saturday AM  8:10-9:50); Sr 3.5 & Sr 4 (Sunday AM 7:30-9:50).

Safety Protocol Reminders:

  • Face covering required at ALL times except while swimming (Must put face covering on immediately after exiting the water).
  • Social distancing of 6 feet at ALL times (parking lot, entry waiting area, pool deck, etc.)
  • Drop-Off/Arrival: no earlier than 10 minutes prior to workout time
  • Pick-up/Departure: immediately after workout
  • Arrival: follow the curved fire lane/dirt path (to the right of the tennis courts)
  • Facility Entry: one at a time thru the main building entrance
  • Waiting to Enter: stand and wait on one of the NEW socially distanced yellow markings
  • Exiting: thru the far pool gate, turn right (past the lap pool) to the parking lot
  • On Deck: walk ALONE to your assigned lane - bags need to be strored by your lane
  • Come Swim Ready: suits on, minimal changing (slip on shoes or Ugg-like boots recommended)


Group Zoom Meetings (Zoom link reminders will be emailed prior to meetings):

Junior Meeting (Tuesday at 4:30)

Senior Meeting (Saturdays at 11:00 AM)


President's Weekend Time Trials: 3 days, 8 sessions, 124 swimmers, over 240 officials swims. Although there was some light rain (it could have been worse) and at times it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, we pulled it off! The swimmers did a great job with their swimming and following the safety protocols. Fast swimming and a very safe swimming environment!

Much Thanks: Meet Directors: Jane Healey and Laurel Purwal, Head Marshals: Jon Levy & Wendy Smith, Our Team of Ofiicials: Admin Ref Supicha Castro, stroke and turns, Cristina Bensadoun, Will Judd, Kai Kai Woo, Rob Evans, the team of photographers, Fred Stambaugh, Burcin Metin, Kai Barck, Ruth Fok, Livestream coordinator, Berrin Yavuzer and all the parents that step up to Marshal and time throughout the holiday weekend (over 50 shifts). 

It has been close to a year that our swimmers have been on the blocks for a "real" meet. The races were competitive, there were many  best times but most of all it was nice to see them on the blocks! Thanks you parents!


18+ Year Old Swimmers: If you are turning 18 this year, reminder per USA Swimming regulations, once an athlete turns 18, you must complete the Athlete Protection Training from USA Swimming. The course is found here: APT link....


Rain Protocol-Be Prepared! (Definite Rain in the forecast for this week).

In the event of rain, we recommend arriving at the appropriate start time for your camp to limit the standing around time or waiting in your car in the parking lot if you arrive early. Wear rain gear and bring the least number of personal items you can to the pool.  Indoor (dry) storage space will not be available. Be prepared for your personal items to be sitting poolside (near your camps actual practice space/lane). We are recommending that athletes bring a large plastic bag (or two) to put your items in while they are sitting on the deck.

Waterproof Dry Bag: Check out this dry bag on amazonsmile (several of the Jr group swimmers have dry bags that they use on rainey days. This one seems like a good choice and comes in size 30L, which seems plenty big).  Loovit Waterproof Dry Bag on Amazon Smile.... 



Outreach Acknowledgement from Eswantini Swimming Association: As you know Orinda Aquatics Outreach supports swimming in Swaziland. Read the letter from Swimlab the organization that leads the swimming efforts in Swaziland.  Letter of Appreciation....


Food for Thought - From a recently viewed webinar: "Sports are inherently both social and competitive activities. You may be very careful with what is happening in the pool or on the playing field, but this needs to extend to what is happening in the parking lot and the social circles outside of the athletic arena."