Pacific Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 300

Putting Character First

Week of May 10th

Matt Ehrenberger

Week of May 10th


Current camp will run through May 21

Workout Schedule:

  • Monday PM: Sr 4/Sr 3.5 (3:40-5:20); Sr 2/Sr 3 (5:30-7:00); Jr All (7:10-8:30)
  • Tuesday PM: Sr 4/Sr 3.5 (3:40-5:20); Sr 2 ONLY (5:30-7:00 - NO Sr 3); Jr All (7:10-8:30)
  • Wednesday AM: Sr 4/Sr 3.5 & Sr 3 added (6:00-7:30 - replaces Tues PM for Sr 3)
  • Wednesday PM: Sr 4/Sr 3.5 (3:40-5:20); Sr 2/Sr 3 (5:30-7:00); Jr All (7:10-8:30)
  • Thursday PM: Sr 4 & 3.5 (3:40-5:20); Sr 2/3 (5:30-7:00); Jr 1 & Jr 2 ONLY (7:10-8:20 - No Jr 3)
  • Friday PM: Sr 4/Sr 3.5 (3:40-5:20); Sr 2/Sr 3 (5:30-7:00); Jr All (7:10-8:30)
  • Saturday AM: Sr 2/Sr 3 (8:10-9:50)
  • Sunday AM: Sr 4/ Sr 3.5 (7:30-9:50); Jr 3 added (7:30-9:15)
Safety Protocol Reminders:
  • Face covering required at ALL times except while swimming (Must put face covering on immediately after exiting the water).
  • Social distancing of 6 feet at ALL times (parking lot, entry waiting area, pool deck, etc.)
  • Drop-Off/Arrival: no earlier than 10 minutes prior to workout time
  • Pick-up/Departure: immediately after workout
  • Arrival: follow the dirt walkway down the steps to the pool (next to the tennis courts)
  • Facility Entry: one at a time thru the main building entrance
  • Waiting to Enter: maintain 6 feet of spacing (on the distanced yellow markings)
  • Exit: thru pool gate closest to the hill, follow the curved road up to the parking lot.
  • On Deck: walk ALONE to your assigned lane - bags need to be stored by your lane
  • Come Swim Ready: suits on, minimal changing (slip on shoes or Ugg-like boots recommended)


Group Zoom Meetings (Zoom link reminders will be emailed prior to meetings):

Junior Meeting (Tuesdays at 5:00PM) 

Senior Meeting (Saturday at 11:00 AM)


Next Meet Heading to Sanctions: Orinda Aquatics vs WCAB dual meet. June 5 & 6 at Soda Center. Senior Open T&F and 9-12 Time Finals short course meet. Three prelim swims per day.

Sr Open T&F events: open to all 13&up swimmers (per Pacific Sr meet rules - no minimum standard needed) and swimmers age 11&12 swimmers provided they meet the minimum Sr Open Standard for that event. Finals for top 16. Swimmers can swim a maximum of 2 finals per day. 

9-12 Timed Finals Events: All 9&10 and 11&12 swimmers are eligble to swim these events. 

TYR 18&un LC Spring Cup, Irvine: Five Orinda Aquatics Swimmers attended the long course championship in Irvine. Channing Hanley, Zach Le-Nguyen, Isaac Kim, Tommy Roder & Connor Ormsby. Channing: finaled in the 200 breast 3:37.19 (4th fastest time in the meet) & 100 breast 1:12.84 (both US Open Cuts). Zach finaled in the 100 back 58.73 (7th) & 200 back 2:10.81 (10th). Isaac posted 4 best times including 200 free 1:56.49 & 200 fly 2:13.96 (finaling in both events). Competing in their first national-level swim meet: Tommy 200 back 2:13.80 & 100 back 1:00.44 (both finals) and Connor 100 breast 1:08.71 & 200 breast 2:31.60 (best times). Great job swimming unrested/unshaved in this long course meet. 

Santa Clara Sr II LC Meet, May 21-23, Santa Clara. This meet opened without any advance notice that is was being offered. The coaching staff sent out an email the day it opened. With limited capacity of 250 swimmers, it filled quickly. 25 Orinda swimmers made it into the meet. More information to follow for those swimmers that will be attending.


Next Sunday: Parent Education Meeting #1: The Broader Swimming Landscape and Orinda Aquatics. Next Sunday, May 16th at 7:00PM


Athletic Protection Training: If you are 18 or turning 18 soon, per USA Swimming regulations, once an athlete turns 18, athletes must complete the Athlete Protection Training from USA Swimming to participate in any sanctioned USA swimming workout or event. The course is found here: APT link....


Travel & Orinda Aquatics: Thank you to all families for continuing to follow safe measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Per CDC guidelines, except in connection with essential travel, Californians should avoid non-essential travel to any part of California more than 120 miles from one’s place of residence or to other states or countries. Avoiding travel reduces the risk of virus transmission, including reducing the risk that new sources of infection and, potentially, new virus strains. Families that need to travel should continue to follow safe and responsible practices of mask wearing, social distancing, not gathering with members outside of their household and washing their hands.

To maintain a safe workout environment, before returning to the pool, swimmers must not exhibit any symptoms of illness for a minimum of three (3) full days AND provide a negative covid test result or self-quarantine for 10 days as recommended by the CDC.



Upcoming Parent Education:

  • Sunday, May 23rd 7:00 PM - Training and Technique Overview/Philosophy
  • Wednesday, June 9th 7:30 PM - Culture/Character Focus and Methodology
  • Wednesday, June 16th 7:30 PM - Competitive Overview
  • Wednesday, June 23rd 7:30 PM - College Information


Orinda Aquatics is BSN Sports Team of the Month: Read the ARTICLE featured in Swim Swam. 


Food for Thought - From a recently viewed webinar: "Sports are inherently both social and competitive activities. You may be very careful with what is happening in the pool or on the playing field, but this needs to extend to what is happening in the parking lot and the social circles outside of the athletic arena."