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Week of Jan. 23rd (Zone 2 Championships)

Matt Ehrenberger

Week of January 23rd - Zone 2 Meet at Soda Center

Regular Workout Schedule this Week:  Workout Schedule PDF....


Zone 2 Meet at Soda Center: 

  • This is not a team hosted meet - but it is a zone hosted meet. As a zone hosted meet, each team will be responsible for lane timing, meeting their minimum officiating requirements and a team marshaling assignment. Watch for a sign-up.


Swimmer Gift Pick-Up: Each swimmer should have received an Orinda Aquatics Tumbler at the holiday party. In addition, each family is getting an Orinida Aquatics Car Magnet. If you have not received your tumbler or car magnet, see coach Kati.

In additon, if you have not received your personalized cap order or by chance your team shirts (newly registered swimmers), please check with your swim coach.


Senior Meet Recap: What a beautiful weekend for a swim meet. From the coach of Monterey Bay said, "we love coming to your meets." Hosting meets is never an easy task and defiinitely not possible without great parent support, so hats off to our entire parent community for providing a great racing opportunity for all of the swimmers. 

Meet Director Opening for 2022-23:   Orinda Aquatics is looking for a parent volunteer who is interested in taking-on a shared role as Meet Director starting next swim year (9/2022).  Laurel Purewal will continue in the role for another year and would like to work with a partner, maintaining the two-person model adopted in 2018.  (We will be looking for someone to fill Laurel's spot the following year.)  Responsibilities range from high-level oversight of all aspects of a meet to detail-level decision-making, but the support of the Orinda Aquatics coaches and team families makes every meet a truly collaborative effort.  Organization and communications skills are critical; prior knowledge of meet operations is not, but a willingness to gain it is.  (Shadowing can begin this swim year.)  While the position can be challenging, it is also very interesting and gratifying!  If you would like to learn more about what is involved, please contact Jane Healy  or Laurel Purewal or stop by to see them at the Soda office during the next meet.


Upcoming Meets:  registration for meets is done online: either Swim Connection or Fast Swims platforms (depends on which platform the host club prefers). Swimmers should follow/enter meets listed for their swim group ONLY:

Updated 2022 Season Meet Schedule (through Summer) Click Here....

  • Closed: Zone 2 Championships - January 29 & 30, Soda Center. Recommended for All Senior Group and Junior Group swimmers (Each event must meet minimum "B" time standard to enter).  Zone 2 Meet Sheet and Online Entry....
  • 400 IM is still Open: Albany Distance Meet - Saturday, Feb. 12th, Albany. Events: Open 400 Mixed IM (max 16 total heats), 9-10 500 Free (max 21 girls & 21 boys), Open Mixed 1000 Free (max 6 heats total), Open Mixed 1650 Free (max 5 heats). This is a recommended meet for Junior Group Swimmers. AAA Distance Meet Sheet and Online Entry....
  • Closed: RHAC C/B/BB+ Meet, Feb. 19&20, Livermore. Recommended for All Jr Group swimmers and Sr Group swimmers that will not be attending Clovis meet. RHAC C/B/BB+ Meet Sheet and Online Entry....
  • Senior Travel: Clovis Senior Meet, Feb. 24-27, Clovis. Coach entered travel meet for Sr swimmers that qualify.
  • Added to Meet Schedule (Jr 2 & Jr 3) - Now Open on swim connection: PLS Senior Open Meet, March 5&6, Pleasonton. New Addition for all Junior 2 & Junior 3 Swimmers. This meet is replacing the CROW last chance meet which was canceled. We are looking for an alternative for Junior 1 group and will keep you posted. This could be a meet opportunity for Seniors that will not be attending Clovis.  PLS Senior Open Meet Sheet and Online Entry....


USA Registration Number:  

  • How do I find my USA Registration Number? USA Swimming has not mailed any Registration/Membership cards since the 2019 Season. Once the member is in the database, their registration can be verified and they can print their own registration card through Deck Pass. For complete instructions on how to print out your membership cards, click here. Deck Pass also list the swimmers times from usa swim meets.


REMEMBER: ALL 18-Year-Old Athletes are REQUIRED to be current with Athletic Protection Training: If you are 17, turning 18 soon or you are already 18, per USA Swimming regulations, once an athlete turns 18, athletes must complete the Athlete Protection Training from USA Swimming to participate in any sanctioned USA swimming workout or event. The course is found here: APT link....




NEW: Student Spotlight in Lafayette Social: Lafayette resident and Orinda Aquatics Senior Swimmer, Adriana Smith, is featured in the local Lafayette Social. Link to Article...

Mental Training: In an effort to support our swimmers from a mental wellness and performance standpoint, Orinda Aquatics is excited to partner with a proven and trusted resource in Restoic.

Developed in collaboration with leading sport psychologists and Olympic level athletes, Restoic's mental training app is being used by programs across the country to empower their swimmers to increase confidence, decrease anxiety, and optimize performance through your mobile device. 

Additionally, the OA staff will be able to direct the groups through various exercises, and the founder, Danny Cavik, will host an introductory Zoom call with the team (parents welcome), when we can schedule it.

We feel that this adds another foundational level to build balance for our athletes, to go along with Argo Video (technical awareness), Mental training through Restoic and Conquer the Pool (handbook), BridgeAthletic (fitness), and of course the cultural backdrop of the program.

To set up your free Restoic account/app, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Sign up for Restoic using this link:
  • Step 2: Enter VIP code ORINDA (after entering your email/password)
  • Step 3: Enter your mobile number and receive a download link to the app via one-time text message
  • Step 4: Sign in and access the app for free

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] and their team will be happy to help. 

General Information: 

  • UPDATED Orinda Aquatics Team Covid Policy: Click to read the updated team policy in regards to UPDATED Team Covid-19 Policy...
  • Facility requires mask when in the locker rooms.
  • Air Quality/Facility: We are directed by AUSD when facility will close due to poor air quality (150 with no downward trend). We will communicate as soon as possible.
  • Illness: Do NOT attend workout if you are exhibiting any sign/symptoms of illness (including cold/cough).
  • Recommended that unvaccinated swimmers wear a mask and/or distance as much as possible at workout.
  • Parents not allowed on deck during workouts.


College Swimmer Registration: All College Swimmers that currently are swimming or will train with the team over the summer need to register. Registration information and link are on the home page. Choose one of three options.