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 Collegiate Success


Class of 2015 Commitments:
Mary Ashby                     Columbia University - Swimming 
McKenzie Flath                University of Southern California - Water Polo
Ryan Birdsall                   Colgate - Swimming
Paul Cane                        Georgetown University - Swimming
Matthew Cohen               Brandeis- Swimming                
Collin English                  Johns Hopkins University - Swimming
Katie Erickson                 Harvey Mudd - Swimming
Lucy Faust                       Bates - Swimming
Will Gittings                     Occidental College - Swimming
Kylie Hahn                       Wesleyan - Swimming
Margaret Hunger             University of Washington
Will Inman                      Chapman College - Swimming
Katie Lee                         Indiana University
Matt Lennon                    Williams College - Swimming
Jack Madigan                   Fordham - Swimming
Maddy Spiering                Santa Clara University
Gunnar Davison               U.S. Naval Academy
Arianna Von Ehrenkrrok  San Diego State - Nursing
Erica Wolfman                 Cal Poly


2014-15 Collegiate Season:

It's in the numbers! An incredible 45 OA alums competed in collegiate aquatic programs during the 2014-15 academic year including six of the original seven swimmers from OA Class  '11 who finished their four year collegiate careers still loving the sport of swimming. Seven swimmers earned NCAA qualifying marks, three competed at the Division I NCAA Championships (Steven Stumph, Sven Campbell and Courtney Whyte), an alum (Kristen Cunane) is Assistant Coach for the Golden Bears (NCAA DI Champions), Caroline Lukins joined the coaching staff at Columbia University this year, Freeman swims for the DIII Women's NCAA Championship Team (Emory University) and seven swam on Conference Championship Teams. We are immensely proud of our OA Alums and what they continue to accomplish both in the pool, in the classroom and in life.

2014-15 Collegiate Recap

Ward swam in the 2014 NCAA DI National Championships (4th place-100 fly, 14th place 200 fly)
Woodward with the NCAA DIII National Championship Trophy (Emory University)
Orinda Aquatics currently has an incredible 37 alumni (nine seniors!) competing for collegiate swim teams across the country (plus the UC Berkeley Associate Head Swim Coach) with an additional six others competing on intercollegiate water polo teams.  They are carrying on a tradition of excellence in academics, character, leadership, and team commitment, and continue to develop as athletes and as swimmers (yellow highlight shows a lifetime best time).  And as in years past, some had record-breaking years (Andrea Ward: 100 fly, 200 fly, 500 free at UC Santa Barbara and Jenny Hu: 100 breast and 200 breast at Tufts University).  The coaches could not be more proud of all of these men and women as they are extraordinary examples of student-athletes and reflective of a culture that promotes career longevity and a love of the sport.
National Connection:  Orinda Aquatics had a strong presence at both DI and DIII NCAA National Swimming and Diving Championships. Andrea Ward represented University of California, Santa Barbara finishing 4 th place in the 100 fly with a time of 51.47 and 14 th place in the 200 fly at the DI meet held in Minneapolis. At the same meet, Courtney Whyte swam the butterfly leg of the 200 Medley Relay for the University of Notre Dame. Brooke Woodward represented at the DIII National Championships, where for the 4 th year she competed for Emory University in the 200 breaststroke, 200 IM and 400 IM, and for the 4 th consecutive year, earned National Championship honors.  Joining her there was Aly Levine (Williams College) swimming the 100 fly, 200 fly and both Medley Relays. Additionally, Sven Campbell and Chris Leon are both on the NCAA D1 Championship Team at the University of California, Berkeley.
Conference champions:  This year, Orinda Aquatic alums represented! on numerous conference championship teams: Sven Campbell and Chris Leon (University of California, Berkeley-Pac 12), Brooke Woodward and Megan Freeman (Emory University-UAA), Aly Levine (Williams College-NESCAC), Megan Howard (United States Naval Academy-ECAC), Emily Giambastini (University of New Hampshire-America East), Delia Salomon (Grinnell – Midwest) and Kristen Cunnane (University of California Berkeley Associate Head Women’s Coach – Pac12).
"King of the Pool Meet" - September 2013
OA Alums Reunite wearing Cal and Cal Poly Team Gear
Mollie Larsen, Sven Campbell, Jill Jones, Rachel Cleak, Padon Sivesind and Chris Leon
Class of 2013
Steven Stumph                         University of Southern California - Swimming
Sven Campbell                          University of California, Berkeley - Swimming
Albert Miao                               University of California, Santa Barbara - Swimming
Megan Fuqua                            Boston College - Swimming
Sam Flower                              UC Santa Barbara
Megan Howard                         United States Naval Academy - Swimming
Megan Liang                            Franklin and Marshall - Swimming
Megan Giambastini                   University of Indianapolis - Swimming
Emily Giambastini                     University of New Hampshire - Swimming
Conor Sullivan                         University of Puget Sound - Swimming
Meghan Bicomong                   University of California, Santa Barbara - Swimming
Cameron Hoyh                         Rider University- Swimming                 
Mollie Larsen                            Cal Poly - Swimming
Erica Muller                                Pacific Lutheran University - Swimming
JD Ratchford                            University of California, Berkeley - Water Polo
Andrew Ringquist                    Gonzaga University
Lokelani Woolsey                     Diablo Valley College - Swimming
Dominic Baldwin                      Diablo Valley College - Swimming
Colleen O'Brien                        Hamilton College - Swimming
Class of 2012
Shannon Herman                    San Diego State University - Swimming
Jenna Haufler                         Pomona College - Swimming
Robbie Ashby                         University of Pacific - Swimming
Megan Freeman                     Emory University - Swimming
Nikki Jackson                         University of Nevada Reno - Swimming
Devin Kennedy                      Pitzer College - Swimming               
Samantha Swinton                Tufts University –Swimming
Grace Linderholm                  New York University - Swimming
Alexandra Spencer-Wong     Middlebury College - Swimming
Sophia Hoai                            University of Michigan - Club Swimming
Riley Kalbus                          Parsons School of Design (photography)                
Dominic Patterson                 Diablo Valley College - Swimming           
Elise Legallet                          University of California, San Diego
Allie Light                               University of California, Los Angeles
Kelly Noah                              University of California, Santa Barbara
Tor Jensen                              UC Santa Barbara - Water Polo



Class of 2011:

Courtney Whyte:             Notre Dame - Swimming
Jordan Tomimatsu:          Fordham - Swimming
Chris Leon:                      UC Berkeley - Swimming
Sloan Caldwell:                Claremont McKenna - Swimming
Padon Sivesind:               Cal Poly - Swimming
Clay Sanders:                    Duke University - Swimming
Jeffrey Strausser:             Brown University (swimming)
Eva Erickson:                   Texas Christian University (swimming)
Caitlin Hamilton:               UC Davis
Steph Wraith:                   William and Mary (club swimming)
Callie Roberts:                  Duke University (undecided)

Class of 2010:

Brooke Woodward:          Emory University - Swimming
Andrea Ward:                   UC Santa Barbara - Swimming
Jill Jones:                          Cal Poly - Swimming
Jenny Hu:                         Tufts - Swimming
Christy Tormey:                Duke University
Amanda Schlenker:           University of the Pacific - Swimming
Rachel Cleak:                    Cal Poly - Swimming
Aly Levine:                        Williams College - Swimming
Hayley Russell:                  University of Texas
Ben Smith:                        Chapman - Swimming (club only)
Katy Yeh!:                         Lewis & Clarke -Swimming
Micaela Hahn:                    Carleton - Swimming
Delia Salomon:                  Grinnell - Swimming
Lauren McGill:                    Cal Poly
Stephen Kingery:              Johns Hopkins - Water Polo
Lindsey Mascheroni:          Loyola Marymount - Swimming
Alanna Hulburd:                Georgetown- Swimming
Lizzie Peiros:                     Stanford - Water Polo

College Swimming Season Recap: 2009- 2008

Class of 2009:


Tommy Dowley                     Cal Berkeley (swimming)
Chris Chuck                          UC Santa Barabara (swimming)
Molly Howland                      UCLA Honors Program
Jeremy Chang                      UC San Diego - Medical School Program
Shelbi Luchini                       Washington State (swimming)
Isa Guardalabene                 Dartmouth (swimming)
Caroline Lukins                     Columbia (swimming)
Jake Reingold                       Franklin & Marshall (swimming)
Sean Haufler                         Yale (swimming)
Olivia Alva                             Washington State (swimming)
Stephen Loomis                    Pepperdine (water polo)
Bret Lathrope                       UCLA (water polo)

Class of 2008:

Kendall Weikert                   Dartmouth (swimming)
Shane Tutass                       Columbia (swimming)
Nik Block                               NYU(swimming)
Jack McMahon                 St Bonaventure (Swimming - Captain)

Nate Erickson                      Air Force Academy (swimming)

Vinnie Liang                         UCLA (honors)

Molly Sharp                          University of Hawaii (swimming)

Zoe Swank                           UC Santa Barbara

Emily Vance                        James Madison (swimming)

Haley Strausser                  Brown University (swimming)

Roger Ward                          DVC/University of the Pacific (swimming)

Brian O’Hara                        DVC (swimming)

Chris Peterson                 UCSanta Barbara (swimming)

Scott Pierce                                 DVC (swimming)


Class of 2007:

Kelsey Lewis                         UC Santa Barbara(Swimming)
Dustin Luchini                       UC Irivine(Swimming)
Sara Davidson                      Williams College(Swimming)
Becky Penskar                      Northwestern University
Ben Forster                           Claremont McKenna (Swimming)
Chelsea Pfohl                        NYU(Swimming)
Max Parrague                       UC Irvine(Water Polo & Swimming)
Shanna Hoversten               Claremont McKenna(Swimming)
Michelle Estrada                   UC Santa Cruz(Swimming)
Chelsea Regan                      NYU (Swimming)
Kendl Sankary                       UCLA
Maddie Kennedy                   Ithica College(Swimming)
Lindsey Watson                    Mission to Africa (Good luck Lindsey!)
Katie Bever                            Azuza Pacific 

Class of 2006:

Tyler Angelo                          Notre Dame University (Swimming)
Anya Disbrow                        Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Gracie Espinoza                    Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Swimming)
Kelley Fernbacher                University of California at Santa Barbara (Water Polo)
Kent Holland                          Brown University (Water Polo)
Kris Kao                                  University of California at San Diego (Swimming)
Jesse Krompier                     Stanford University (Swimming)
Megan Lynn                           Carleton College (Swimming)
James McLaughlin                US Military Academy at West Point (Swimming)
Tyler Schlenker                     USC (Swimming)
Andrew Schneider                USC (Swimming)
Nicole Schrakamp                 University of California at Santa Barbara (Swimming)
Mark Shveyd                          Diablo Valley College (Swimming)
Nick Stefan                             Southern Methodist University (Swimming)
Eric Tang                                Columbia University (Swimming)
Hope Thurman                       UCLA (Swimming)
Katie Ure                                 University of California at Santa Barbara (Swimming/Polo)
Heather White                       University of California at Berkeley (Swimming)

Class of 2005:

Lauren Beaudreau                University of Richmond (Swimming)
Jon Behnke                             Denison University (Swimming)
Marisa Chang                         University of Washington (Swimming)
Charlotte Labdon                  University of California, Santa Cruz (Swimming)
Scott Lathrope                       Stanford University (Swimming)
Kellen Ranahan                      Cal Poly (Swimming)
John Savage                           College of William & Mary (Swimming)
Alex Shakibnia                        UCLA
Lindsey Sharp                         University of Washington (Swimming)
Zach Snyder                            University of Miami
Joe Unruh                                 United States Naval Academy (Swimming)
Betsy Varellas                         University of California at Santa Barbara (Swimming)
Taylor Watson                         Pepperdine University (Water Polo)

Class of 2004:

Sylvia Beck                             US Military Academy at West Point (Swimming)
Maggie Bever                         University of Washington (Swimming)
Claire Coughlan                     Loyola Marymount (Crew)
Lindsay Hart                           Harvard University (Swimming)
Brad Hartstein                       New York University (Swimming)
Jason Kawasaki                     Princeton University (Swimming)
Matt Martin                             Stanford University
Vanessa Metcalf                    Tufts University (Swimming)
Jillian Ochs                             UCLA (Swimming)
Jesse Sandberg                     Duke University (Swimming)
Colin Scott                              Boston College (Swimming)
Bob Stinson                            University of Arizona (Swimming)


Class of 2003:

Katie Arnold                           UCLA (Swimming)
Tanner Burke                         University of Pennsylvania (Swimming)
Tim Cherry                             UCLA (Water Polo)
Zach Disbrow*                      US Military Academy at West Point (Swimming)
Mark Dorshkind                     University of Washington
Ian Fraser                              University of Miami, Ohio (Swimming)
Sydney Hodgkinson             University of San Diego (Swimming)
Jessica Ivry                           Emory University (Swimming)
Eva Johnson                          Tufts University (Swimming)
Ashley Knapp                        University of Miami (Swimming)
Daniel Mahoney                    George Washington University (Swimming)
Becca Reingold*                    Middlebury College (Swimming)
Caitlin Scott                            Mount Holyoke College (Swimming)
Emily Sharp                             Pepperdine University (Swimming)
Mike Theisen                           University of Michigan
Amy Thurman                         UCLA (Swimming)
Kevin Wecht                            Harvard University

Class of 2002:

Nicolas Beck                           United States Military Academy at West Point (Swimming)
Holly Farlin                             University of California, Berkeley (Water Polo)
Megan Kelly                            Pepperdine University (Swimming)
Alli Lathrope                           Claremont McKenna College (Swimming)
Sophie Levy                            University of California at San Diego (Swimming)
Lindsay Nordin                       San Diego State University (Swimming)
Lizzie Straw                            University of Denver (Swimming)
Kim Vandenberg                    UCLA (Swimming)
Peter Varellas*                      Stanford University (Water Polo)

Class of 2001:

Justin Chiles*                         Princeton University (Swimming)
Taylor Dahl                              University of California, Los Angeles (Swimming)
Quinn Fitzgerald                     Yale University (Swimming)
Scott Metcalf                          Harvard University (Swimming)
Katie Miller                              University of California, San Diego (Swimming)
Allison Shasky                        University of the Pacific (Swimming)
Daisuke Watanabe                UC Santa Cruz (swimming)
Ashley Shively                          Johns Hopkins (swimming)
Jay Pezzoli                               University of Colorado  
Andrew Monteyne                    University of California, Davis
Alexandra Edeleanu                 University of Virginia


Class of 2000

Megan Baumgartner              Stanford (Swimming)
David Black                            Emory (Swimming
Kristen Lewis                        UCLA (Swimming)
Elyse Corwin                         University of Maryland (Swimming)
Brian Coughlan                      Notre Dame (Swimming)
Jenny Lyons                          University of California, Santa Barbara (Swimming)
Matt Sueka                            Dartmouth (Swimming)
Monique Small                      USC
Adam Drucker                      Johns Hopkins (Water Polo)
Missy Szehner                      University of California, Santa Barbara (Swimming)
Stephanie Nordin                 University of California, Davis


Class of 1999

Samantha Wong
Lauren Wheeler                 Tufts


Class of 1998

Marc Cavallero                  University of California,Santa Barbara (Swimming)
Wesley Lai                         University of California, Berkeley
Brett Sisto                         University of California, Berkeley
Matt Moon                         University of California, Irvine
Lindsy Vance                     University of California, Santa Barbara (Swimming)
Tracy Frick                        San Jose State (Swimming)
Katie Lyons                       University of California, Berkeley (water Polo)
Emily Whitgob                   Stanford
Peter Conte                       University of California, Berkeley (Water Polo)               


Academy Update:
The following are Orinda Aquatics swimmers who have attended, and swam for, military academies. Each individual swam all four years.

Nick Beck                         West Point  
Sylvia Beck                    
West Point   
Zach Disbrow                
West Point (Team Captain, Olympic Trials Qualifier)
James McLaughlin         
West Point (current)
Joe Unruh                     
Nate Erickson                 Air Force (two years)
Megan Howard               Navy (OA Class of 2013)