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Putting Character First

Parent Resources

OA comments to parents at the banquet:

"Congratulations on raising the class of youth anywhere - of students, of athletes, and of people.  Their discipline, maturity, respect, and humility is the by-product of your love, support, and sacrifice.  You have raised and created young men and women who have profoundly impacted our team, their peers, and the community, and they will undoubtedly influence future generations and the world.  You are the silent heroes in this success story and the “we” in “we did it”." Don & Ron

Team Handbook

Parent Education Presentations - OA year-round

USA Swimming Parent Resources

ASCA published article, "Questions Parents Don't Ask", written by Don Heidary

Positive Coaching Alliance

ASCA Parent Course - John Leonard


ASCA Swim Parent

Rising Individualism


I love to Watch You Swim

Parent Tips

Want to Raise Successful Kids

Why I Don't Pay for Club Volleyball

Overparenting - Time Magazine

Tips to Balance School and Sports

7 Crippling Parent Behaviors

A Coach's Plea to Parents

Becoming a Winning Swim Parent

Being a Champion Parent

Champion Child Syndrome

Crisis in Teen Stress

Holding Children Accountable

How to Attend a Meet

Seven Habits of Saintly Swim Parents