Pacific Swimming
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Putting Character First

Website Overview

The following is a brief overview of the website and it's organization. The column headings in navy will outline general information on Orinda Aquatics, including the year-round team, seasonal programs, schedules, as well as the character philosophy of the organization, past achievements, Safe Sport, and college support. The "command buttons" in red will offer more direct information as it relates to current registration, the current seasonal program, season recap, a character component of the team, or any relevant topic.

HOME PAGE - Here you will find a slide show that recaps all areas of the team. Additionally, the TeamFeed on the right is Team Unify's social media application, News is below the slide show, and further down is Events and team partners

THE TEAM - in this section you will find a summary of the staff, board of directors, and corporate officers, as well as OA team captains. There is also information on facility, location, and mailing address. Additionally, there is an overview of the teams' Outreach efforts. 

YEAR-ROUND - The year-round section addresses information specific to the year-round program, beginning with prospective members and registration, and moving through group structures, merchandise, activities, etc.

SEASONAL - This section will provide an overview of each of the Orinda Aquatics programs as well as registration information. There is a sub-tab for each of the seasonal programs (Fall, High School, Clinics, College) as well as the year-round Masters team. You will also find information on open water swimming and the NorCal Kids Triathlon.

SUCCESS - This section will offer some of the successes of the team from current to historic.

CHARACTER FIRST - The concept of character, humility, and leadership is embedded in the team and it's history. This section will offer an overview and include ASCA publications and presentations fro Orinda Aquatics staff, as well as communication from athletes and parents over the years.

SAFE SPORT - the Safe Sport section will provide all of the documents related to USA Swimming's Safe Sport Program as well as policies of USA Swimming and of Oridna Aquatics. It is very important that both parents and athletes familiarize themselves with this information.

COLLEGE - Orinda Aquatics offer extensive and comprehensive college support for it's athletes, including Meetings with athletes and parents, school search support, letters of recommendation, guest speakers/academic advisors, and general planning information. You will also find a impressive summary of the twenty-five year history of the teams' graduates, collegiate athletic participation, and collegiate team captains. 

SCHEDULES - Here you will find the workout and meet schedules for the current year. Please not that the training year has three adjustments and are reflected in those schedules (fall-winter/spring/summer-long course).

"TEAM RESOURCES" (Menu Bar at Left)" - Here you have quicker access to the Team handbook and the USA Swimming's Deck Pass app.