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Orinda Aquatics has entered the long course season and summer schedule. Restrictions have relaxed at the Soda Center with regard to lane limitations, but given that we are now training long course, with limited lane space, we are not accepting new members. Those interested in joining the team should complete their rec season or finish the summer with their existing team. If you are interested, feel free to fill out and return the Try-Out form.  We hope to return to our normal schedule in September and to resume our typical try-out process.


We are currently reviewing the possibility of a Fall Program in September. This would most likely be at the Soda Center only, but we are pursuing the other options as well. We will update the website as we know more. Please see Fall Swimming under Seasonal for past information. 


Workout Schedule June-July

Camp Schedule - May

  • Senior 4, 3.5, College: 3:40-5:20; Wednesday AM 6:00 - 7:30 (Senior 4, 3.5, 3)
  • Senior 2/3: 5:30-7:00 (note variations in schedule sent out)
  • Junior all: 7:10-8:30 (no Junior 3 on Thursday)

Zoom Meetings

  • Senior (all) Meeting - Saturday 11:00 - standing meeting
  • Guest Speaker - TBD
  • Junior Meeting - Every Tuesday 5:00 - standing meeting

Masters Swimming:

The Masters group is also in the May camp and swimming up to four per lane. Workouts are M,T,TH,F from 6-7. Please reach out to Janet Brady or Dom Patterson with questions. The Soda Center is offering lap swim on a sign-up basis.

Fall Swimming:

We are hoping to run a Fall Program in 2021

Thank you for your interest in Orinda Aquatics. 

Below you will find member information as well a recap of engagement during "shelter-in-place"

Current Members:

Re-Entry Letter

For current Orinda Aquatics Members, the staff has been active in supporting our athletes from a physical, educational, and motivational perspective. This has included weekly newsletters, regular Zoom meetings, feedback forms, extensive dry land resources, college support, and inspiring speakers. See links below for saved information. Please reach out to a coach with any questions. Thank you all very much for you patience and support.

Coach Letter to Team

Drill Summary

Newsletter #1

Newsletter #2

Newsletter #3

Newsletter #4

Newsletter #5

Newsletter #6

Newsletter #7

Newsletter #8

Newsletter #9

Dryland - Senior

  1. Circuits
  2. Link to Videos

Dryland - Junior

Senior Feedback (Google Docs)

  1. General
  2. CTP (Conquer the Pool) #1
  3. CTP #2
  4. CTP #3
  5. Interesting/Funny

Captain's Presentations via Zoom (see replay)

  1. Maddie Smith - Post warm-ups set to transform your career
  2. Margaux McDonald - IM training and personal discipline
  3. Tay Thomas - putting the team (and others) first
  4. Ryan Lenahan - maintaining focus with stroke change
  5. Vincent Castillo - being a role model and supporting the team
  6. Zach Le-Nguyen - meet/race preparation and under water development
  7. Aidan Vollmar - working through injury and being a late bloomer
  8. Isaac Kim - detail stroke development for long-term results
  9. Maggie Buckley/Vincent Castillo - High School transition for 8th graders
  10. Transitioning into high school

College Meetings (Zoom) - also on replay

  1. Recruiting/Prep - Don & Ron
  2. Academic Prep - Liz LaPorte

Guest/Alumni Presentations

  1. Steven Stumph - OA grad; National High School and Junior National Record Holder
  2. Brandon Fischer - Inspirational stroy of persistence/Olympic hopeful
  3. Brooke Woodward - OA grad/Inspirational Award Winner, Emory National Team Championship
  4. Jill Jones - OA grad/Inspirational Award Winner, Cal Poly two-year Team Captain
  5. Kelly Noah - OA grad/University of Washington Master's in Nutrition and Health
  6. Reece Whitley - Cal standout

Junior/Senior Group Meeting Handouts

  1. Deliberate Practice
  2. Mental Training
  3. A "Complaint Free World"
  4. Self-Perception
  5. Junior - Race prep

GoSwim Link

Motivational Videos

  1. Matt video #1: Bouncing off the Wall 
  2. Matt video #2: My New Apple Watch
  3. Matt video #3: The IM Crazy Workout
  4. Matt video #4: Stay Motivated
  5. Matt video #5: Dreams Never Die
  6. Matt video #6 - The Extreme Biathlon Challenge
  7. Matt video #7 - The Masked Swimmer
  8. Matt video #8 - The Treasure Hunt
  9. Matt video #9 - Jr Group Graduation