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The Orinda Aquatics Senior Group is one of the most accomplished in the nation. For a team of ~150 swimmers, Orinda Aquatics has consistently produced a very high level of national swimmers, collegiate swimmers, and collegiate leaders. The unprecedented success for a team of this size has come with the backdrop of a remarkable culture of character and leadership. The Orinda Aquatics Senior Group has become a model nationally for athlete integrity, team spirit and support, and achievement. Orinda Aquatics coaches have been sought after speakers on the subject and created a character development guidebook based on this group.

Please note that there will be a schedule change when high season begins. Additionally swimmers and families will be coordinating and balancing both high school and Orinda Aquatics workout schedules as well as meet schedules. See the High School Notes document above for more Information.

Senior 2 - Coach Dom Patterson/Marc Cavallero

Dominic Patterson swam for Orinda Aquatics and has been an extremely positive, engaging, and talented young coach. Dominic does an outstanding job of connecting with swimmers and of developing sound fundamentals in all strokes.

Swimmers should be goal-oriented, positive, and dedicated to improve technique, turns, and underwater speed, and learn pacing and race strategy. Workouts average 4,000-5,500 yards as swimmers prepare for 200 stroke, 200 IM, and the 500 Free. Swimmers should be able to complete 10x100 Free @ 1:20 10x100 IM at 1:30. Swimmers work towards Western Zone times and Sectional level swimming, and prepare for college swimming. Swimmers should attend 4 to 7 workouts per week and all team meets and activities. There will be 2-3 dry land sessions per week.

Senior 3 - Coach Marc Cavallero/Dom Patterson

Marc Cavallero was an original coach with Orinda Aquatics and a national-level swimmer and team captain at UC Santa Barbara. Marc is outstanding at developing efficient strokes in a healthy and positive training environment. He has a long history of success at the rec, high school, and United States Swimming levels.

Swimmers should be serious about the sport, able to train fairly aggressively, and be committed to swim at a high level. Technique will be emphasized but workouts will range from 5,000 to 7,000 yards. Swimmers will prepare for the 200 of each stroke, 400 IM, and 500 Free (and distance events).  Sample sets will be 15x100 Free @ 1:15 yds or 10x100 stroke or IM. Swimmers should be training to achieve Sectional times and move toward national level swimming, as well as prepare for college swimming. Swimmers will be expected to attend 6 to 8 workouts per week (two morning workouts), and all meets, activities, and dry land.

Senior 4/National Group - Coach Ronnie Heidary

Ron Heidary is a ASCA Level 5 coach and sought after speaker in the areas of senior development, efficient training, athlete motivation, college preparation, and coach-swimmer rapport. He is without question one of the top senior coaches in the nation with a long history of developing national-level swimmers and an extraordinary team culture (see Senior Letter on the website under Character)

In this group athletes must display a strong desire to perform at the highest level of their capability. Training is a combination of individual talent and all-stroke development. Athletes in the Senior 4 group should progress from Sectional time standards on to National level swimming. In addition to being focused, mature, technically proficient, and dedicated to training, every swimmer in this group is expected to act with the utmost integrity on a daily basis, to be  a leader and a role model, and to attend all dry land, meets, and activities. Minimum training sets include: 20x100 Free @ 1:15 and 15x100 IM @ 1:25. 

See "Move-up Criteria" for group placement

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