​AMFY WORK REQUIREMENTS - 2023-2024 Swim Season

AMFY FAMILY HANDBOOK Feel free to print this pdf for all of the information in one spot. 

It takes many, many people to work a swim meet! EVERY family is expected to do their fair share. We are a swim family. 

All families must work 5 shifts: This includes a minimum of 1 shift during the Great White Invitational and 1 shift or more during the championship season the swimmer qualifies for.
High school swim families must work 3 shifts: This includes a minimum of 1 shift during the Great White Invitational and 1 shift during the championship season the swimmer qualifies for. 
***If you have a high school and regular season swimmer, you will be required to work 5 shifts. 
[**Note: A shift is typically 3-4 hours in length and may involve a variety of jobs/responsibilities including (but not limited to) timing, officiating, set-up/clean-up, 8 & under helper, etc. See descriptions at the end.]
Parents may be asked to work more shifts during the season based on need.


DISCLAIMER - Parents who do not fulfill their work obligation will be ‘auto-assigned’ to jobs as needed. It is the responsibility of the parents to work the ‘auto-assigned’ shift (or find a replacement).

Parents not meeting the work obligation requirement will be assessed an additional $50 fee for each shift not worked, up to $250.


Funding helps our team get the materials it needs to improve our swimmers. Why? 
  1. To financially support our swimmers and coaches at Championships meets including As, AAs, Zones, and Nationals.
  2. To continually upgrade our pool equipment including lane lines and starting blocks, timing equipment, and computer software and hardware, etc.
  3. To allow tokens of celebration for our swimmers with time drops and more.

This 2023-2024 year, funds will help go towards a new timing console and diving blocks.

Listed below are some options that can total up to 100 points. Each dollar collected will equal one point :
1. Clean-up at Eldora Speedway: Mother's Day or Sept. 24
          - We will pick up trash in the Grand Stand, pit, parking lot, and turn seating. Trash bags and gloves are provided.
2.Sponsorship & Ads for heat sheets
3. Pay to Play: Before the first meet
          -$100 will be charged to your account
4.Swim Rally: Family Swim Meet 

More options will be given as the year progresses.