We do not often cancel practice for bad weather because so many of our swimmers come from different areas. Some cities are hit harder than others, plus some roads get plowed more than others. In general, we most likely will hold practice UNLESS Celina or Minster/New Bremen (depending on practice location) is on a Level 2 snow emergency, OR if the Y at the practice location decides to close. 

Swim meets are RARELY canceled. 

With this being said, we rely on the parents to make the judgment call if the roads in your area are safe to drive to practice. We certainly understand if you do not want to bring your swimmers to a practice or meet due to adverse road conditions. If you have teenage drivers, please discuss with them ahead of time when you expect them to drive and NOT drive in bad weather.

You do not need to give us notice if you are planning to skip practice due to bad weather.

IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR A SWIM MEET AND YOU WILL NOT ATTEND DUE TO BAD WEATHER, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!! You can email a coach and that will be fine. Please note that refunds on meet fees are typically NOT given for no shows due to bad weather. 

If there are cancellations or other changes due to bad weather, we will notify the team via the following methods:

1) Send a notice via our Remind app.

2) Send an email out to the team.

3) Post a notice to our team website.

4) Notify of events on our Facebook page. 

Please sign up for our team's Remind notification so you get the messages the fastest. It does not cost anything.