Safe Sport at AMFY

The AMFY Waves Swim Team is committed to providing a safe environment for our swimmers and families to grow and achieve. We participate in the nationwide Safe Sport initiative as outlined from USA Swimming and YMCA of the USA. This means we have adopted specific guidelines for our operations whose objective is to provide an environment that is free from all types of abuse (physical, emotional and sexual) and promotes positive attitudes and a caring culture.


AMFY Policies

AMFY Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (as of September 2021)

AMFY Action Plan to Address Bullying (as of September 2021)

AMFY Team Handbook (as of August 2022)

Photography opt-out waiver



If you would like to make a Safe Sport Report or get more information about Safe Sport please contact Coach Matt Reiss at [email protected]

If you have a Safe Sport concern that you would like to report to someone outside of our AMFY organization, please follow the links below:

USA Swimming: Report a concern 

YMCA of Greater Dayton: Link to info and reporting

US Center for SafeSport: Report a concern


Other Safe Sport Links

US Center for SafeSport

USA Swimming SafeSport

Ohio Swimming SafeSport

Southwest Ohio YMCA League SafeSport

YMCA of Greater Dayton Child Sexual Abuse Prevention