In addition to swim team dues and registration, all AMFY Waves members must be active members of the Dayton YMCA to compete in meets. Swimmers should bring their membership cards to every practice and scan their cards upon entry to the building. We suggest attaching their membership card to their swim bag so they don't forget it (Use a lanyard!).


While we don't have minimum practice requirements, swimmers should attend as many practices as possible to have the best chance to improve throughout the season. Swimmers who may have extended or routine absences for other activities (fall/spring sports, music performances, etc.) should speak with their swimmer's group coach so the coach can better prepare the swimmer.

High school swimmers who wish to also swim on AMFY should plan to attend a minimum of one practice per week with the AMFY team, with more being encouraged.

We're often asked about swimmers who do fall sports or other activities during the swim season. While we do not have minimum requirements on practice attendance, just keep in mind that starting the season late or missing several practices each week can have a negative impact on the swimmer achieving goals come March. Swimming is both a skill and endurance sport, so the more time a swimmer has in the water, the better! 


All swimmers, all ages must have a pair of fins for practice. You can easily purchase these through PocoLoco's website. See the LINKED INSTRUCTION PAGE to view the AMFY team store.

Water bottles are highly encouraged! Hydration is key. 


To be eligible for the March championship meets, swimmers must have participated in a minimum of three YMCA meets in the Fall/Winter regular season (September to February). YMCA Dual meets and/or invitationals meet this criteria. USA meets and high school meets do NOT satisfy the three-meet criteria, although we can sometimes use the times from these meets to qualify for champs. We require all participants on AMFY to meet this three meet minimum, and encourage participation in additional meets as swimmers grow and families are able. You are welcome to attend EVERY meet we offer, but we fully understand if families have other commitments and needs.

Great White Invitational

This is our team's major fundraiser. It takes place at our North branch and is typically held on the Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend in November. The 11 and older swimmers compete in the mornings and 10 and under swimmers compete in the afternoons on both days. We encourage participation on both days, but swimmers must at a minimum compete on one day.