We may have an intrasquad meet as a "practice" meet of sorts, and typically they are early in the year or during a holiday time. They are usually short, smaller and don't often offer all events. While sometimes these "count" as a legal meet, they often are just for fun/experience. There is generally no extra charge for these meets.


These meets involve one (dual), two (tri) or three (quad) other teams from our league or surrounding areas. They can be at our home pool in Celina, or at one of the other team's pools. The length is typically 2-4 hours (depending on the team sizes), and are "lower-key" meets as far as pace and intensity goes. They are fine for all levels of swimmers, especially younger and beginner swimmers. There is often no extra charge for these meets.


The invitationals in which we compete are a wide variety of lengths and competition levels. These are meets with typically 4 or more teams and are typically (but not always) done as a fundraiser for the host team. Sometimes these are only one day. But they can also be two to three day meets that encompass an entire weekend. Most invitationals are broken into "sessions" with older kids competing in one session (often in the morning) and younger kids in another (typically the afternoon). If you have multiple kids in different age groups, you may be attending a lot of sessions! These meets are more competitive, occasionally a little more hectic, but good for development. We advise beginning swimmers to first attend our own invitational (Great White Invitational) before experiencing too many others. These almost ALWAYS cost extra, anywhere from $20-40 per swimmer depending on the meet.


These meets are at the end of a season (generally March or July) and are the final chance for swimmers to compete. In most cases, swimmers must have attended a minimum number of meets with the AMFY team during the season to pass initial eligibility.  Most (but not all) championship meets also require participants to qualify for them with their times throughout the season.


Our YMCA team primarily participates in meets with/against other YMCA teams. On occasion, we will compete in the USA Swimming league as well. This is a nationwide league consisting of swim teams that do not necessarily have a YMCA affiliation. To participate in one of these meets, swimmers must have additional registrations and incur extra costs. These meets are typically just for our upper-level swimmers, but are open to anyone who is interested. Please speak to Coach Matt if interested. LINK TO INFO