Team Suits

The AMFY Team suit is strongly encouraged for use at all swim meets. We do not recommend using it daily at practice because it will wear out faster. 

More information is to come.


Team Practice Equipment

ALL SWIMMERS MUST HAVE A PAIR OF FINS. These should be flexible, rubber fins designed for competitive swim (meaning no hard plastic diving fins or novelty fins for recreational use). 


Gold group swimmers should have two pairs of fins, one with a LONG blade and one with a SHORT blade. Snorkels are recommended, but not required. Other equipment may be suggested to individual swimmers as needed.


Team Caps

One free AMFY cap per swimmer is offered to all new swimmers before the first meet of the season. Additional caps are available for purchase. Swimmers with long hair should wear a cap for meets and practices.

AMFY team caps are preferred for meets. If another cap needs to be used, it should be a plain color and not displaying a logo of another team.

A different cap for practice is recommended so they do not wear out. Any cap is fine for practice.


Team Apparel

We typically offer team tshirts during the first half of the season. Keep an eye out for order forms via email.

Swimmers also have the option to purchase Speedo-brand AMFY team bags, warm ups and parkas through our team vendor.