BASH Update

Bill Whatley

BASH Update-

  1. Ferris Pool back to normal as of Thursday AM, December 17th- finally
  2. Swimmers in the meet this weekend will receive an update later about our meet. Going forward as planned!
  3. Practices information   
    1. Thursday and Friday – all groups back to normal!!
    2. Saturday AM – only Sr 1 from 6:30 -8:00 AM,  all other cancelled.
    3. Sunday evening – Sr 2 (all can swim) 4:30-6 PM, Sr 3 & AG 1 (all can swim) 6-7:30 PM, all can swim practice except those in the meet that day can NOT!
  4. Look for Christmas practice schedule coming soon. Mostly normal except Dec 24-25 and 31, Jan 1st.