BASH Update

Bill Whatley

BASH Families

We finished our only home meet we’ve had since this summer, today in the Ferris Pool.

A good event! Lots of best times from the 50 BASH swimmers who swam this weekend, 45% improved times.  Everyone was great at mask wearing, social distancing and following our protocols.

Meet results are loaded to our website- your accounts, and attached here.

Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to make this a great event!

Next meet for us is at Miami University, January 8 -10! Hopefully we will have a strong representation from BASH. Only 4 teams from the Cincinnati Y’s are invited since they must keep the number of swimmer at about 125 or so per session, not the 400 – 500 per session in the past. We strongly advise all of our swimmers to try to go and swim at this event! Signups on our website and due December 31! Please don’t wait to the last second to decide.