BASH Update- End of the Year

Bill Whatley

End of the Year Update!!

2020 Is OVER! (in a few hours)

  1. Saturday Sunday, January 2-3 sign-ups are open for swim practices.
  2. Monday January 4 week of practices will open this weekend.
  3. The Y has adjusted their lane restrictions UP to 3 per end per lane. We will be adding a few spots to some of the swim practices but NOT full capacity to all the groups, just adding some more per practice per group. Coach Ed, Coach Chris and Coach Bill are regulating their practices, all others must continue to sign up, but there will be a bit more space in most practices.
  4. Last call for the meet at Miami University, hosted by PCY. Their capacity is 120 swimmers per session, with another 30 for coaches, timers, officials and lifeguards. Miami is very particular on their rules and monitoring. I expect the meet to be run in a very safe manor!
  5. Did your swimmer get their Swim cap? Their New Team Tee-shirt?
  6. We recently received the Parent Tees – to be handed out in Early January.
  7. What is your New Year’s Resolution?  Mine’s is less Sugar, more Fruits and Veggies! (Coach Bill)