Tentative Meet Schedules Posted

Edward Pacey

I have been posting all the meets we intend to swim this season to the website over the past two weeks or so.  As we have gotten more dates confirmed, I have added to the list.  

Please sign up (you can simply declare Yes/No) for meets you intend to swim.  As we get more information, you can edit your commitment and pick events for the coaches to check over.  

For now, the most important part is to just let us know yes/no for a particular meet, and to save the dates through the championship season meets and key dates next spring/summer.  

Please look at the schedule and make sure to talk to your group coach early in the season and get signed up for meets.  

Each swimmer will need to swim 3 YMCA swim meets to be eligible for the end of season championship meets.  We want all of our swimmers to be able to participate and support the team.