BASH Update

Bill Whatley

Week of October 4, 2021

First, we should be able to swim LC/Fall schedule this week, probably last week for 5:30 PM and later outside. Therefore Sr 1-2-3 and AG 1-2 plus AG 3 on Wednesdays will continue outside through Thursday, October 7

UNLESS our weather knocks us into the Ferris Pool – check email on bad weather days!

Second – We are on finalizing the Winter schedule, just have to adjust Sr 3 and AG 2 a few days from what they are currently practicing.

Friday – October 8

Practice meets this Friday for 11 over.

Friday Evening Events – Warm up 5:00 PM, meet 5:40 PM, estimated Finish 7:30 PM

AG 3 & 4 Will swim regular – Main Pool 5-6 PM

Senior 1-2 will swim outside normally – Unless they are in the meet.

Senior 3 and AG 1-2 will not have Friday Practice


Saturday - October 9

Senior 1-2 swim outside at 7:30 AM

NO other swim practices for AG 1-2 and Sr 3

10 and Under meet Saturday Morning Events – Warm up 9:10 AM, Meet 9:40 AM, estimated Finish 10:45 AM

Sunday October 10 

AG 2-3                  4:00- 5:00 PM In Ferris 

AG 1 & Sr 3          5-6:30 PM in Ferris


Please sign up for the Practice meet ASAP on!

We also have other upcoming meets that have entry deadlines approaching!!!

Parent Tee-shirt sign up

Swim Cap sign up

And soon the USA Swimming Registration sign up will open


Lastly – this week is Swim Coach Appreciation Week – first one ever- here the link to announce it==

You can participate in their social media contest-

We have great coaches at BASH – just give them a thumbs up this week at practice!