Warm Up and Timelines for this Weekend

Edward Pacey

The meet is still on for this weekend at ME Lyons.  See guidelines below, warmup schedule, and timelines are 2pm to roughly 6:30pm both days.

Note that all RELAYS have been cut from the meet to shorten the timeline.  I will post heat sheet/timeline information the meet page on www.swimbash.com



  •        All MUST wear a mask at all times when in ME Lyons YMCA (swimmers of course can take off to swim)
  •        Only 1 Parent/family is allowed to be on deck for each session.  Meet workers are exempt.
  •        Please space out team areas,  Gym is available to use.  NO Chairs on gym floor.
  •        No concessions,  there will be a coach’s/officials hospitality.


See attachments.

  •        Heat sheet for both Saturday & Sunday (we will NOT have heat sheets for sale at meet. Please distribute.
  •        Time line


Warm ups for both Sat & Sun:    Meet starts 2:05pm each day.

ABLY will warm up separately (1:30pm) before regular warm ups begin


Saturday & Sunday warm ups.

1 – 1:20pm/ Blue Ash –  (all 12  lanes)

1:20 – 1:40pm / Lakota – Shallow End  (all 6 lanes)

1:20 – 1:40pm / RC Durr – Deep End (all 6 lanes)

1:40 – 2pm/ CY (both pools all 12 lanes)

2:05pm – Meet start!