BASH Update

Bill Whatley

BASH update

Regular Practice Schedule all week January 17 – 23

We are reopening the entries for the BASH Teddy Bear Splash, February 5-6-7.

We have another team waiting to get into our meet- but we are limited in numbers. 4 visiting teams have been invited, a bunch more are interested!! We need our numbers ASAP. Please finialize any entry changes by Wednesday, January 19 at 11 PM!!


Hotel for AA’s – Our meet is Friday- Sunday, March 11-13 at Miami U in Oxford OH

We have a few rooms at the Best Western, at $163 plus tax per night. Usually a few families, with 11 and over swimmers who expect to swim in Finals take rooms. If interested, please call the hotel directly at  (513) 523-0000

Hotel for Zones – March 18-20 in Canton, OH – information soon!!!


Covid Response – We are still asking (not requiring) everyone wears Masks at swim practices, hopefully everyone will do their best to wear a mask outside the pool, in and out of the YMCA. We are doing everything we can to keep the spread down and keep all of our swimmers and coaches as safe as possible. I know some are not keen on mask, but please think of others. We don’t want anyone to catch Covid and miss some of the upcoming big meets. We have a few miss meets this past weekend- High School and YMCA meets.

Also, many medical authorities are recommending any youth who contracts Covid get a physical afterwards to check for any long term health issues – the Ohio High School Athletic Association is also recommend all athletes get a “return to play” physical after being infected with Covid. Talk to your doctor and ask their opinion.