Classic Swim Meet Information

Chris Berling

Summer Classic Swim Meet Notes June 10-12, 2022





Friday 800 free warm up…

12:50-1:20 pm Meet 1:30 pm


Friday Distance Events Afternoon warmups 11&Over swimmers…

3:30-4:00 pm

Meet Starts 4:10 pm Meet Ends 7:22 pm


Saturday & Sunday Mornings warm ups…

8-8:30 am

Meet Starts 8:40 am

Meet Ends 1:15 PM


Saturday & Sunday afternoons warm ups…

2:15-2:35 pm Meet 3:05 pm

Meet Ends 5:45 PM


  • Entrance to pool - Athletes, coaches, volunteers will enter through the tunnel on the south side of the building (pool deck level; south side of building); spectators will enter the gallery upstairs.
  • Blocks
  • The blocks at the facility are equipped with fins or wedges.   Swimmers may adjust those forward or back. Timers and officials may be nearby but assisting with this is not their primary duty and they may not be able to help. If your swimmer wishes to adjust the wedge, make sure that he or she can competently do it solo.
  • Back stroke ledges. Swimmers are welcome to use them. Toes must be on contact with WALL, not just ledge.
  • Racing
  • We will ask the starters to call out an empty lane by number before the start; if a swimmer misses his/her swim, the swimmer should report to the deck referee and we will try to insert the swimmer into another heat if there is an open lane. There is no penalty for a missed swim.  We will not call empty lanes during the 50s.
  • On Friday, we will start from one end of the pool. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, we will start from two ends, except for the relays and the 50s. There will be chase 50s.
  • On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, we will start from one of the pool.
  • Reminder to bring food and water its a long session in morning for the 11 and older swimmers. Eat a good breakfast and bring a lunch to eat!