Anderson Meet this Weekend Information 4-6th

Chris Berling

Meet Information @ ME Lyons YMCA this weekend.  Address: 8108 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45244

No Heats will be sold at meet. QR code will be at the meet. Heat sheets for Friday/Saturday attached. Sunday Heat sheet in another email. 


Bash warm up 3:45 pm

Meet starts 4:45 pm

Meet ends 7:45 pm


SATURDAY (AM): 11 and Over

Warm up 6:45 AM Blue Ash (deep End pool)

Meet starts: 8:15 am

Meet ends: 12:30 pm


Saturday (PM): 10 and unders

Bash warm up time 1:00 pm (shallow end pool)  

Meet starts: 2:10 pm

Meet ends: 5:30 pm


SUNDAY (AM) (Daylight Saving reminder to set your clocks) 11 and Overs

Blue Ash warm up 6:45 AM (shallow end pool) 

Meet starts: 8:15 am

Meet ends: 11:45 am


Sunday (PM) 10 and unders

Bash Warm up 12:00 pm (deep end)  

Meet starts: 1:15 pm

Meet ends: 3:30 pm

Anderson will have a “lower end” concessions for kids & Parents. Parking is always an issue so please use Juilfs Park if need. Reminder for parents to bring a lawn chair as bleacher space fill up fast.

Timers and official Meetings will be held 30 minutes prior to session start time.