BASH FAMILIES WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SWIMMING! It takes a small village to put together a swim team. The swimmers work hard in the pool and YES, our families help with running the meet. The most important thing we do for our competitive swim team is to support our swimmers by recording an accurate and fair time. That means a lot of families supporting their swimmers in and around the pool deck.

TO VOLUNTEER go the JOB SIGNUP button right next to the EDIT COMMITTMENT button on our website.

TIMERS - the most important people working on the pool deck. They record a time for the competitive swimmer.

OFFICIALS - they provide a fair and accurate environment for our swimmers to swim

HYTEK - a computer system to record the times that the timers provide.

CLERK OF COURSE - OH, SO VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE! They help the swimmer get in order behind the blocks. Swim meets have a quick pace the clerk of course helps our swimmers not miss their important event.


Thank you for taking the time to read this essential information. In keeping our swimmers, our children, and our families safe the YMCA is registering all their volunteers with a YMCA Volunteer Portal called VOLUNTEER MATTERS. This is something that has been in the works for a long time now. I teach at an elementary school and our school district now requires all parent volunteers to complete something similar. The YMCA will be tracking all the great work that our swim team currently volunteers on behalf of the YMCA to better improve the success and safety of our program.

Each family member will need to sign up on VOLUNTEER MATTERS and register all the family members who would or who could be volunteering during the year.

ALL swim team volunteers, who assist at the meets, should register for the “project”: BAY- Swim team – Meet Volunteers – Registration ONLY. EACH member of your family who volunteers must create an individual account. This may be the only time they use as they will continue to use Team Unify to register for the meets. You will want to keep the username and password in case you volunteer in other capacities at the YMCA. Each account will need to have a unique email. Background checks are not required for general meet volunteers.

Click on the above link that goes directly to the Volunteer matters registration. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the blue VOLUNTEER button. The YMCA will then ask you to sign a few waivers to keep our families safe.

VOLUNTEER MATTERS requires that everyone has a unique email to create an account. Each family member who would or who could be volunteering needs to create separate account through their unique email. This will allow the YMCA to see who is volunteering with our children. If you are making an account for someone without an email, you can use this hack if you have a Gmail account. Simply take your email and add (+name) to it. It will then send all emails to the primary account, but the system will believe it is a unique email. For example: primary account is [email protected] then to create another account 

[email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]

This is a ONE-TIME registration for all BASH volunteers who would or who could volunteer for any current or future meets. It should only take a few minutes of your valuable time.

Thank you again for taking your time to register for this important portal for the YMCA. Once again this allows the YMCA to track who is volunteering with your children.


We offer several volunteer opportunities to our SENIOR swimmers to bond and help our community! A wonderful way of earning those service hours!

Home Swim Meets - November Invitational and Teddy Bear Splash Invitational

High School Swimmers can earn volunteer credit for their families and support the team by volunteering to work at the sessions in which they are not competing! Swimmers and family members can sign up under the JOB SIGNUP button on the home page.

Blue Ash YMCA Fall Festival - usually in October

This is an annual (free) event for families and community members. Swimmers can choose to run games provided, help with s'mores, or dress up and be a part of the haunted trails!

Fall Leaf Raking - a Saturday usually in November

We will reach out to community members who are unable to rake their leaves and provide assistance. We will rake the leaves to the street, or if bags are required, the homeowner must provide them.