The mission of the Blazing Barracudas is to nourish the mind, body, and spirit of each swimmer, every day, for the purpose of achieving his or her personal best as an individual, an athlete, a team member and a citizen.



The philosophy of the Blazing Barracudas is for participants to learn training principles in order to reach individual and team goals through purposeful and deliberate training routines and competitions.  Coaches scaffold training sessions to meet the developmental needs of each level of swimmer so that swimmers actively engage in the training process and understand their growth and improvement. Vertical integration and consistency of these coaching principles provide the most comprehensive learning experiences for swimmers, beginning when they enter the program and through their athletic road-map to their highest level. Training and competition will demand dedication and hard work but should, ultimately, be fun. All swimmers, parents, and coaches will be expected to exemplify the Core Values of character, sportsmanship, excellence, teamwork and perseverance, representing the best of self and of the club.