Welcome to the Beachwood Bison Swim Club

Our training groups vary in intensity, duration and type of conditioning. A swimmer’s training group is determined through an evaluation process completed by the coaching staff. Progression occurs at the coaches’ discretion, based upon achieving advancement requirements (tba in fall 2019), attendance/ commitment and attitude.  To schedule an initial evaluation with BBSC, please Click Here.

Level 1

Athletes entering level one can legally swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke with an understanding of breaststsroke and butterfly. Athletes are introduced to a swim team atmosphere, develop proper body mechanics through drills and learn the fundamentals of turns and dives. 

We encourage swimmers to compete in 1-2 swim meets per season.

Age: 10 & Under
Level 1 Coach: Pattie Cvelbar and Harley Schoen
Team dues: $550
Admin Fee: $150

Level 2

This group is designed for the emerging competitive swimmer that can legally complete 25-50 yards in three of the four competitive strokes. Swimmers will continue developing body mechanics while increasing their aerobic endurance.  Developmental to intermediate instruction is given on competitive starts and turns in all four strokes. 

We highly encourages swimmers to compete in 2-3 meets per season.

Age: 10 & Under
Level 2 Coach: Ryan Cochran
Team dues: $650
Admin Fee: $150

Level 3

 In this level, athletes will emphasize efficiency in their technique through intermediate drills and exercises. Swimmers continue to increase their aerobic endurance while introducing strength from dryland/restistance training. Athletes prepare to legally complete the 200 IM and 100 yds of all four strokes in competition. 

We require swimmers to compete in one meet per month. 

Age: 12 & Under
Level 3 Coach: Karli Mertler & Ryan Cochran
Team dues: $900
Admin Fee: $150

Level 4

Training focuses on developing strength, efficiency and endurance while refining body mechanics and technique. Athletes are introduced to yoga, and have 1-2 dryland/ resistance practices per week. Swimmers in level 4 are expected to maintain 70% practice attendance.

We require swimmers to compete in one to two meets per month and attend the highest championship meet achieved

Age: 11-14
Level 4 Coach: Karli Mertler
Team dues: 

  • Beachwood Resident/ BMS Athlete: $1100 (this includes middle school season)
  • Non-Resident of Beachwood: $1300 

Admin Fee: $150

Level 5

This group is comprised of more skilled and experienced swimmers with goals of competing at high level competitions.  Swimmers commit to multifaceted training, including strength conditioning, recovery, goal setting and race preparation.  Athletes are to maintain 80% practice attendance. 

We require swimmers to compete in one to two meets per month and attend the highest championship meet achieved

Level 5 Coach: Karli Mertler 
Team dues: 

  • Beachwood Resident/ BHS Athlete: $1350 (this includes high school season)
  • Non-Resident of Beachwood: $1550

​Admin Fee: $150


This group is for swimmers with the goal to swim for Beachwood High and Middle School swim teams. At practice, emphasis of training lies in conditioning and stroke mechanics.  Regular practice attendance is desired.

Team dues: $250
Admin Fee: $100

*Admin fee covers USA registration fee, and pool usage fees. Valid one year from purchase date.

*Monthly payments are available at registration. Associated fees apply.