Welcome to the Beachwood Bison Swim Club

All participating members of the Beachwood Bison Swim Club (hereafter referred to as BBSC), as well as their parents, must abide by the following Code of Conduct. By joining BBSC, all swimmers and parents agree to follow this code.

The actions of each swimmer, parent, and coach reflect upon the entire club. All swimmers, parents, and coaches are expected to act responsibly and maintain appropriate behavior at all times.



A swimmer will:
1. Maintain a cooperative and respectful attitude toward the coach, staff and other swimmers.
2. Maintain conversational voice levels.
3. Be ready to begin practice on time. Swimmers should be in the pool area with all necessary equipment, ready to begin practice at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time at which their practice is to begin. This will allow for proper stretching and any pre-practice instruction necessary.
4. Observe and comply with the following pool rules:
a. NO running on pool deck.
b. NO one on the diving board without a coach’s permission at any time.
c. NO pushing, shoving, or splashing another person either in or out of the water.
d. NO chewing gum.
e. NO spitting.
f. NO obscene, derogatory, or profane behavior or language
5. Respect the personal property of teammates or restitution for damage will be expected.
6. Attend regular practice sessions as determined by the respective swim group coach
7. Be responsible for his/her own swim gear and keep all facilities clean.
8. Demonstrate cooperativeness and respect to all persons involved with BBSC.
9. Refrain from actions deemed by the coach as to be frightening, harassing, and hurtful to others.
10. Resolve differences through conversation and compromise. Disputes not successfully resolved verbally should be referred to the coach.
11. Avoid unreasonable physical contact. There should not be physical contact between swimmers, which would be considered unreasonable. The BBSC coaching staff will deal immediately with slapping, hitting, or punching any swimmer, in jest or in anger.
12. Not throw any objects. Any items in the pool area can be dangerous if thrown. Nothing should be thrown at any time.
13. Refrain from the use of addictive substances. Any swimmer who is known to use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco is subject to suspension from the team.

At all Club functions, whether it be practice, meets, or social gatherings, the BBSC coaching staff expects all members to behave in such a way that their actions reflect positively on the team.

All members of the club, whether they are parents or swimmers, should continue to protect and improve our excellent reputation


1. Disruptive behavior during practices will not be tolerated. The intent of practice is to improve technique and endurance.
2. The coach will handle disruptive behavior during practices. If necessary, the coach reserves the right to dismiss and/or suspend the swimmer from practice.
3. If the swimmer has been dismissed from practice, they may NOT leave the pool deck area until the practice session is over and the coach personally speaks with and dismisses the swimmer. Should the disciplined swimmer wish to call his/her parents for immediate pick-up, he/she may do so with permission from the coach. The swimmer must then remain on pool deck until the parent arrives and the coach is notified that the swimmer is now under parental supervision. The discussion of the incident must be postponed until a time is convenient for the coach.
4. Under no circumstance will the coach, while coaching on deck, engage in a conversation with a parent concerning an individual disciplined during a practice session.
5. It is the coach's responsibility to inform the parent(s) following a reprimand that dismisses the swimmer from practice. This may be done verbally (in a private location) or in writing. The coach will maintain records of each incident; including date, incident description, and swimmer's signature. The record will be forwarded to the Head Coach.


1. It is expected each swimmer will participate in the USA sanctioned swim meets as recommended by their respective swim group coach.
2. During a swim meet, we are the guests of the host team. We must follow host team rules.


1. Disruptive behavior of swimmer and/ or parent(s) or guardian(s) can result in an individual’s expulsion from the meet and is usually handled by the Meet Director or Meet Referee. If serious enough, the entire club could lose their opportunity to compete. The swimmer represents BBSC. Poor manners, poor sportsmanship, and poor behavior reflect negatively upon ALL BBSC swimmers and could jeopardize our invitation to future meets. Infractions should be brought to the attention of the Meet Director for possible disciplinary actions.
2. Expulsion from any meet requires the swimmer to attend a meeting held by the Head Coach to review the incident. A parent/guardian must accompany the swimmer to this meeting.

Beachwood Bison Swim Club Acknowledgement Form

Acknowledgement of BBSC Membership / Registration Policy
We have completed and signed the COMMITMENT/PAYMENT AGREEMENT, read the TEAM FINANCIAL POLICY and agree to follow the requirements set by the Beachwood Bison Swim Club Board of Directors in order to remain as a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING as defined by the same named policy by our signatures below:

Acknowledgment of the BBSC Code of Conduct
We have read and understand the Beachwood Bison Swim Club Code of Conduct and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.