Bowling Green Swim Club 

BGSC 2019-20 Group and Fee Structure


Payment Plans and Registration 101:

Initial Registration will always include a USA Swimming membership fee (plus any outstanding balance). If you register late you may also incur the first month practice fees as well, depending on the group registration and payment option you chose.

4 Payment Plan - Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan

2 Payment Plan - Dec, Jan

All Year Registration Plan - Oct thru Jul (10 even payments) Only applies to ALL YEAR swim registrations.


IT'S BACK FOR 2019-20    ALL-YEAR-ROUND registrations will receive a 10% discount on the BGSC practice fees. (*Conditions Apply)

* All-Year-Round registrations require either payment in full, or 10 equal monthly payments (Oct-July). Commitment to swimming with the team ALL YEAR is advised prior to signing up in this member category.


What's included in the USA Membership Fee?


Parent Acknowledgement FORM

Athlete Code of Conduct Policy

OUTREACH Program - Ohio Swimming

  • If you would like more information about this program please contact our Head Coach or a member of the board.


BGSU Rec Center Entry Pass:

BGSC athletes need to register and pay the BGSU Student Recreation Center (SRC) building entry fee directly. This is fee is required for each athlete. The form is provided in the link below. Page 1 of this form needs to be completed for each athlete/swimmer in your family. Each family will only need to complete one copy of Page 2, as this caters for multiple participants. Page 2 is the liability waiver for the SRC.

Please make sure you are selecting the correct practice group on the form for swimmers. Selecting the wrong group could mean you end up paying too much for the SRC pass, or your swimmer will not get in the building if that group starts at a later date. We have tried to make it easy for you by placing the start date next to each group on the form.

NOTE: If you are new to BGSC, your athlete/s will need to be there will you at the time of registration with the SRC to have their finger vein scanned into the system. This is the method by which they will gain access to the building. If you swam with BGSC in previous seasons, your swimmers are already in the system.

BGSU SRC Participation Form 



BGSC Members also have the option of renting lockers if they wish (see link below). Otherwise your athlete can use a spare/day-use lockers each time they come to practice, these are free of charge. It is highly recommended you provide your swimmer with a lock to ensure belongings are kept secure during practice.

SRC Information and Locker Rental