Bowling Green Swim Club 

Want to register as a member of USMS? Go to the BGSC home page. Right side, scroll down to the registration links on the right side (USMS is number 5) or scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Steps to get involved in the Masters Swimming program with BGSC.

1.   Some form of BGSU-SRC membership required (student, family, individual, etc.).

2.   Medical form:  Print the medical form in the linked pdf document from website and submit to Dr. Steve Langendorfer at practice with payment. Check (made out to BGSC) or cash ONLY. (Document TBA)

3.   Fees:  $20/year for non-student (8/20-7/31); $10/year for student/grad student (may pay per semester).

4.   OPTIONAL:  USMS membership with BGSC Masters**. The team is a registered member of the LMSC if you would like to continue building your competitive spirit through local, national and international meets.

5.   Practices are offered Monday-Friday a.m. from 6:10-7:15 (some get out early based on work schedule, some stay a little later).


Online Reg:

Contacts:  Dr. Steve Langendorfer, [email protected]; or Carolyn Strunk, [email protected].