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Member Service Units / Volunteering signup is now live in the main BGSC website. We now have a one-stop-shop for all things BGSC for you and your swimmers. Signing up is easy, when we have a BGSC hosted meet, there will be a Job Signup  button next to the meet/event. All you have to do then is ensure you are logged into the site and chose the job you want to perform from the list. You can double check your signup by scrolling down and checking that your name is next to that job and time-slot.

The BGSC Board has created a Service Unit requirement for all families to fulfill in order to be a part of the BGSC Swim Team that is comprehensive and fair to all families involved. Hosting swim meets is an important part of being on a swim team, since they help maintain a lower cost for members and creates community among our families.

Hosting meets also ensures that our students/athletes are not be required to sell candy or magazines door-to-door. Historically there have been families who have not been doing their fair share, so starting in Fall 2016 we will now be fiscally enforcing service hours.

All BGSC Families will be required to fulfill 8 Service Units per year regardless of the number of children who participate in BGSC or HS Swim Teams. A ‘Service Unit’ will be equal to one meet session. Families that ONLY have a child who participates in Sooner-or-Later Gators and families that swim in Spring ONLY will need to fulfill 4 Service Units. High School ONLY families will be required to fulfill 5 Service Units-- 2 at the December meet and 3 at Districts.

Family Service Unit Requirements summary:

  • All Year Round & Fall/Winter families (Sr Blue/Gold, AG Blue, AG Gold) - 8 Service Units
  • Sooner Or Later Gator ONLY & Spring ONLY families - 2 Service Units
  • High School ONLY families - 5 Service Units

Families will be required to fulfill this requirement for each meet. They MAY NOT work 4 sessions in one meet and then skip another meet all together. If a family is unable to work at a hosted meet, they MUST make arrangements with the volunteer coordinator to work another meet, or help out prior to the meet. ALL of which must be arranged in advance with the volunteer coordinator to work at another meet.

Best Option: Families have the option of signing up and having someone else work their session in their place. This may be a family member, friend or working with another club member to exchange service hours, helping each other and working as a team. A student could also be hired to work in the family’s place. All these arrangements are the sole responsibility of the family to organize and alternates must show up on time and work the full requirements of the meet session.

If families must make up a session, arrangements must be made well in advance of the meet that will be missed. All sessions must be made up prior to the end of the fiscal year-- in July.

All families who have missed working at a session, and have not made prior arrangements, will be charged at the beginning of the next month following each BGSC hosted meet. If families make arrangements to work double sessions at the following meet and do not fulfill the requirement, they will be charged for ALL sessions at that time.

**Families who do not meet the 'Service Unit' requirement for each hosted meet, the family account will be charged $50 per session, up to $100 per meet.

Required Meets for BGSC & High School Swim Families for 2017/2018:

  • December 7-8, 2019 (BGSC Winter Invitational)
  • February 11, 12, 14, 15, 2020 (Ohio High School NW District Swimming & Diving Tournament)
  • June 6-7, 2020 (BGSC Long Course Summer Invitational)


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