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2022-2023 CAC Short Course Season

Open for Returning Members

8/15/22 - 3/1/23

Open for New Members

8/17/22 - 3/1/23


Seahawk Swimmers and Families,


As of Monday 8/22 at 12 noon, the Alpha and Bravo groups are closed to new registrations..  Families that have been placed on the wait list are being informed.  Any questions, please reach out to Head Coach Ben Clark or Associate Head Coach Jessica Thomas.  Thank you for you interest in CAC!



On behalf of the coaches and CAC Parent Board, welcome to the 40th edition of the Cincinnati Aquatic Club. If you are returning to the team, we hope you enjoyed your break and are ready to get back in the water. If you are new to CAC, we are honored you entrusted your child's development with us, and we look forward to getting to know you and your swimmers!





CAC's vision is to provide our swimmers an opportunity to grow in and out of the pool, with an eye towards the long-term development of each swimmer. Every practice we will challenge them in a variety of ways. Those challenges will be different for every group, from being patient on drills and skill progressions, to getting out of our comfort zones on main and test sets. All are designed to give the swimmers confidence in their swimming and themselves.






We will be training at the Cincinnati Country Day School (CCDS) and the University of Cincinnati (UC). Access to both pools allows us to provide more water and dryland time to the entire team. We are also pursuing additional pool time at facilities in our footprint.






Professional trainers with Cincinnati Functional Fitness (CFF) are back this year to assist us with our weights and dryland programming. They have extensive experience working with swimmers and are a tremendous asset to our team. For the Senior groups, they will be present to run sessions at CCDS. The Technical (Alpha, Bravo) and Hawk (Red, Silver, Black) will implement programs designed by CFF for our team. These will be age-appropriate, focused on flexibility and technique.






With the addition of a professional team-wide dry land and the rising cost of operating pools, we have had to raise fees this year. The Senior and Hawk Division groups will be billed evenly over 10 months starting in September with the last payment scheduled for the month of June. The Alpha and Bravo groups will be billed evenly over 5 months starting in October and ending in February. Then they will be billed $225.00 in May if they elect to train during the 13-week long course season. We will have a staggered start to our season with different groups kicking off on different dates. Schedules and fees are under the Parents tab on the Team Unify website (






Each group will use Team Snap again and you will be notified of the schedule and any changes through that application. For the new families, an invitation will be sent to you giving you access. Please download the app on your phone to be able to receive alerts, reminders, and other communication instantly.


Lead coaches will send a weekly group email with updates on what they’re working on in practice, upcoming meet deadlines and information, as well as Swimmer of the Week recognition. 






The equipment and team suits that we ask our swimmers to use and wear are listed in the Parents tab on the website. Lead coaches will also communicate an equipment list for their groups in the coming weeks. SwimVille is our team vendor and will be at CCDS on Tuesday, September 13th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM for a fitting. You can purchase everything at that time or order directly from them or Amazon. Every swimmer on the team should also receive a CAC mesh equipment bag when the season begins, so you do not have to purchase a new one.


SwimVille can also help with ordering parkas, warmups, and things like that. All swimmers will receive a 3-pack of team shirts at the Pentathlon on October 2nd. These are included with your registration cost. Please make sure your swimmers’ shirt size is correct when you register. Additional team apparel will be available to order throughout the year.






Registration is now open for returning swimmers and any of their siblings joining the team on the website. We encourage you to sign up at your earliest convenience. New family registration will open on Wednesday, August 17th. Note that your swimmer will not be able to compete until they are registered. If you have questions during the process, please reach out to our team administrator Cindy Carrigan at  [email protected]. She is a wealth of information and can walk you through any scenario. Our lead coach roster and contacts are also listed below.




A significant amount of work went on this summer to make the upcoming season one of the best in the history of our proud program. Stuart Hoelle, our new interim Board President, will be reaching out to you in a separate note later in the month to kick off the season and share all of the exciting things we have planned for the year. Again, thank you for entrusting your child's development with CAC. The coaches are extremely excited for fast swimming and guiding their growth.


All the best, and LET’S GO HAWKS!



Ben Clark, Interim Head Coach

Jessi Carpenter-Thomas, Associate Head Coach




Kevin Rachal | Senior Performance | [email protected]

Jessi Thomas | Senior Prep, Black Hawks | [email protected]

Ben Clark | Red Hawks, Silver Hawks | [email protected]

Sheridan Ave | Bravo | [email protected]

Carter Gaither | Alpha | [email protected]


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