Ohio Swimming

Central Ohio Aquatics currently includes an age-group competitive swim program sanctioned by USA Swimming and a masters team sanctioned by U.S. Masters Swimming. We also hope to offer other aquatic programs in the future.


Our Mission

Central Ohio Aquatics aims to foster a lifelong love of aquatics in our athletes from the developmental stages to the international ranks of competition. Our goal is to provide a safe environment with excellent coaches, resources, and facilities for all of our athletes.  We plan to improve our athletes’ physical development, while simultaneously challenging them to become the best athletes and individuals they can be.


Our Vision

Central Ohio Aquatics is committed to developing excellence in all of our athletes, both in and out of the water. Through aquatic sports, we aim to help our athletes achieve their goals and learn strategies to excel in every aspect of their lives. We are teachers, and our medium is water!


Our Values

At Central Ohio Aquatics, we value:

C ommitment: to ourselves, our teammates, and our team!

O ptimism: in our swimming careers and beyond!

A ccountability: on a personal and team level, to ensure that we challenge each other to be the best that we can be!