CONTACT:  Kari Fisher: Board Member, Fundraising Chairperson;

WHY FUNDRAISE: Allows families to reduce the amount of money paid out of pocket for Supplemental Fees.

REGISTRATION (formerly SUPPLEMENTAL) FEE AMOUNT: The Registration (Supplemental) Fee amount is based on number of swimmers per family.  This fee could potentially change every year.  The Registration (Supplemental) Fees due September 15, 2018, are as follows:

  • One Swimmer $200*
  • Two Swimmers $400*
  • Three or More Swimmers $500*

* The Registration Fee has been significantly reduced because of the fundraising dollars earned for the Swim-a-thon and the Kroger Community Rewards Program!


REGISTRATION (SUPPLEMENTAL) FEE PAYMENT PROCEDURE: These fees will be charged on September 15, 2018 to the account you have on file with the team.   

REGISTRATION (SUPPLEMENTAL) FEE STATEMENTS: The Registration Fee Statements are no longer distributed through email.  Your fundraising efforts are found in your account information under fundraising . It is your responsibility to ensure that you are reviewing all information for accuracy. If you have any changes or questions related to your statement you must contact the Fundraising Chairperson in a timely manner.

TYPES OF FUNDRAISING: There are two types of ways to earn dollars for Registration/Supplemental Fees.  The first is traditional fundraising for a non-profit organization.  All the money that is fundraised will go directly to the team account (per IRS requirements).  The second type of type is a rebate program, which allows us to direct the funds earned to individual accounts.

Traditional Fundraising:

1.   Kroger Community Rewards Program

2.   Swim-a-thon

3.   LaRosa's Buddy Cards

4.   Championship Yard Signs

5.   Team Decals


Rebate Program:


REGISTRATION (SUPPLEMENTAL) FEE OBLIGATION:  The Registration Fee obligation is incurred if you are active on the team roster two weeks after practices start for the Winter (Short Course) Season.  The Head Coach and Fundraising Chairperson must receive written notification within one week of the swimmer’s decision for this obligation to be waived.

REGISTRATION (SUPPLEMENTAL) FEE WITHDRAWAL: Official notification of withdrawal is required regardless of tenure on the team or attendance habits otherwise the Registration Fee will be owed and enforced through the YMCA. Specifically, if you just stop coming to practices without telling your coach, the head coach, and the Fundraising Coordinator you will be charged.

REGISTRATION (SUPPLEMENTAL) FEE TRANSFER:  If your Fundraising account is over funded at the end of the Registration Fee Period you are able to request a transfer at that time to your National Team Fees should you have a National qualifying swimmer (as long as all Countryside YMCA financial obligations are current) Transfer request will then need to be submitted in writing to the Fundraiser Coordinator by September 15th.