Ohio Swimming
Level 2


CONTACT:  Theresa Kraus: Board Member, Fundraising Chairperson; [email protected]

WHY WE FUNDRAISE: Fundraising allows the team to reduce the amount of money required for Team fees. One of our fundraising programs also allows you to reduce the cost of your individual swimmer's Meet Fees. 

TYPES OF FUNDRAISING: There are two types of fundraising.  

1.  Traditional Fundraising: The first type is traditional fundraising for a non-profit organization.  All the money that is fundraised goes directly to the team account (per IRS requirements). Our traditional fundraising efforts keep our Team fees lower, and allow the team to purchase necessary equipment that the YMCA does not fund for the team.  

Traditional Fundraising Programs:

  • Kroger Community Rewards Program
  • Rubber Duck Fundraiser
  • Swim-a-thon
  • Flash Drive - Swimmer Photos
  • Honey Baked Ham Gift Cards/LaRosa's Buddy Cards
  • Thirty-One Gifts - Online Shopping Year Round (30% back to the team)
  • 'CY Torpedo Day' at Local Restaurants (Chipotle, Whit's, etc.)

2. Rebate Fundraising:  The second type is rebate fundraising, which allows families to fundraise a portion, or all, of their individual swimmers Meet fees. Please see the fundraising tab specifically dedicated to this program. 

Rebate Fundraising Program: