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Level 2

We raised $22,224 from the 2021 Swim-A-Thon! CONGRATS Torpedoes!


CONTACT:  Shari Rhodenbaugh: Board Member, Swim-a-thon Chairperson, [email protected]

We need everyone’s participation with the Swim-a-thon this year! COVID hit our team pretty hard, so let’s pull together and get back on track! It's easy...and more importantly FUN for our swimmers!  

Here is what you do…

FIRST...Each swimmer will raise $100!

  • Simply ask your family, friends, neighbors, and even previous swimmers to help you raise your $100
  • Send out emails and post on social media for your out-of-town family members! They can donate right on our website using a credit card! This is the easiest option and tax deductible if done through the website.
    • Simply go to the CY Torpedoes website: https://www.teamunify.com/team/ohcts/page/home
    • Click on the Swim-a-thon Logo
    • Next look for 'Find Participant' to search for your swimmer
    • Click the GREEN Please Donate button on your swimmer's profile page
    • Type in any dollar amount, or choose a level ($50 or $100)
  • You can also collect cash, but please turn in a check written for the amount of the total cash collected. No cash can be turned in to the team.


THEN...Swimmers will participate in the Swim-a-thon event on Monday, June 7th (during practice time)!

Swim-a-thon Schedule:

6:30 – 8:30am - SR1, SR2, AG3

8:30 - 10:00am - AG1, AG2, AG4

9:30 - 11:00am - JR1, JR2 (We understand that this group typically has evening practice Monday's)


NEXT...Earn tickets to win PRIZES!

How to earn tickets for prizes:

  • Earn 1 ticket just for attending the actual Swim-a-thon event on June 7th
  • Earn 1 ticket for every $10 collected before the event
  • Earn 10 bonus tickets once you reach at least $100 in donations 

The day of the Swim A Thon you will be able to place your tickets into buckets for at least 12 differnt prizes. You get to choose which prizes you want to try to win. Example of prizes: $50 CASH, New Speedo PARKA, Gift Card Extravaganza, Tickets to FC Cincinnati Soccer game...just to name a few. The more tickets you have, the better chance of winning the prize you want.

The last day to turn in donations for prize tickets will be Sunday, June 6th at the Swim Meet.


BUT WAIT...there's more!  There will also be a TOP Fundraiser for the Age Group cateogries listed below.

The top fundraiser in each of these groups will receive a TOP prize:

Senior 1 and Senior 2 Group - New Fast Skin

AG3 and AG4 Group - New Fast Skin

AG1 Group - Movie Theater Rental with Friends

AG2 Group - Movie Theater Rental with Friends

JR 1  Group - Nintendo Switch Lite

JR 2  Group - Nintendo Switch Lite



What will the Swim-a-thon look like?

The swimmers will swim like they do at a normal practice, but it will be an easier practice, and a lot more fun...with music, food and prizes! You won’t want to miss it!


Does the swimmer have to participate in the Swim-a-thon event on June 7th to collect donations?

No, the swimmer does not, however, each swimmer is encouraged to raise $100 to make it fair and help the team.


How will the money we raise be used by the team?

The money we raise through the Swim-a-thon this year will help us in a lot of different ways. One way is to buy new equipment for all swimmers to use; like new touch pads, power towers, and dryland equipment. We will also use this money to purchase new spirit wear for the team in the fall, just to name a few.


How does my swimmer receive their tickets for the prizes?

Your swimmer will be given their tickets the day of the Swim-a-thon. That way tickets won’t get lost.


Does my swimmer have to be there to put their tickets in the prize buckets?

Yes, the prize buckets will only be available on the day of the Swim-a-thon.


How many prizes are there for the top fundraisers?

There will only be 1 TOP fundraiser in each of the groups listed above, so get out there and fundraise! Plus the 12 prize buckets each swimmer will drop their tickets into the day of the event. 


When will the winners be announced?

The winners of the TOP age group prizes will be announced the day of the Swim-a-thon to all swimmers after they swim.

The winners of the 12 prizes buckets will be announced later that night, after the Swim-a-thon, after all groups have been given the chance to enter their tickets. An email will go out to the entire team announcing the winners!


Still have questions?

Any questions or concerns can be answered by Shari Rhodenbaugh, Booster President. Contact Shari at: [email protected] or text/call (513)515-7080


Thank you for all your support of our CY swimmers!!


FUNDRAISING CLASSIFICATION: Traditional fundraising program for non-profit organizations.  All the money raised through this program will be placed in the Team Account. Your participation in this fundraiser is extremely important!

GENERAL INFORMATION:  The Swim-A-Thon occurs once every two years during Summer (Long Course) Season and the entire team needs to participate.  Without your participation in this event we will not be able to continue to offer reduced Registration/Team Fees.  When the Swim-a-thon is in process, all the information about the program will be displayed under the "SWIM-A-THON" tab on the main navigation bar.