Return to Practices Update 05.21.20

Jason Roberts

Update (05.21.20)

I may have jumped the gun a little on my last correspondence about coming back to practice. We were so excited and jumped on everything that we were being told is ok to do.  Yesterday we had to make some major changes to the plans on returning to practice. Changes are happening by the minute here as you can imagine with a facility as big as we are. I am going to wait to post many of the changes until we get a 100% confirmation on the schedule and protocols. Below is a few things that we know for sure. 

1. Senior1,Senior2,AG4,AG3,AG2,AG1 will begin on June 1st. 
2. Junior 1 and Junior 2 will begin June 8th unless something drastic happens. 
3. We will be starting with 2 per lane vs. 4. We can go up to 4 right now but in consulting with other teams across the country starting with 4 has been disastorus. This is ok...We want to be safe an not sorry. Our goal will be to increase as we go. 
4. We will have many safety rules that we will be required to follow.
5. Families who canceled memberships during the down time will be required to activate memberships before you can book a practice time. Active memberships are required by Y-USA. 

We are still unsure on how long this summer we will run workouts. A lot will depend on how the reopening goes and if we will have competitions.  With us being out for 6 weeks we could extend training and take a break a little later than normal. Still really up in the air. 

We will be posting updates on our website going forward. Please check out the new look to our website. It may take a little time to get used to it. 

Go Torpedoes, 

Coach Jason