Coach Bob Hiller to compete in The Netherlands(Update)

Jason Roberts

A little late on the update from September 12th, 2021


Coach Bob Hiller was outstanding!!! He finished 2nd place in his age division! He also beat people that 20-30yrs younger than him. WAY TO GO BOB, Your Torpedo Family is very proud. 



183.9  KM
22.99 km/h
02:37  min/km



Coach Bob Hiller to compete in The Netherlands


On Sunday, September 12, Senior 3 assistant coach Bob Hiller will be representing Team USA in the World Long Distance AquaBike Championships in Almere, Netherlands.  Bob has competed in triathlons since 1983, but after a knee replacement in 2017, he stopped running and switched to just the swim and bike competition.  So, Bob and the other aquabikers start with the triathletes, but their race ends when they complete the swim and bike courses.

Bob qualified for the US team at the USA Triathlon National Age Group Championships in Miami (FL) in November 2019.  The qualification is for the World Championships the following year.  Because of the pandemic, the 2020 World Championships were delayed one year to 2021.  However, this allowed Bob to move up into the 70-74 age group.  (Unlike for CY swimmers, it’s better to be at the bottom of your age group.)  Originally there were seven men in Bob’s age group on the US team, but only two are making this trip to Europe.  The other American from San Diego has finished on the podium in two previous world championships.

The 2.4-mile swim will take place in a large lake.   They predict it will be cold enough (74 degrees or less) to allow wetsuits.  The 112-mile bike course will be flat, including riding on dikes, but there will probably be a fair amount of wind.  Bob says, “Hey, it’s the same for everyone.  And, at least sometimes it will be at my back!”

Bob is proud to represent the United States in this competition as he did in 2009 on a US Masters team in a triathlon in Israel.   Bob will be joined by his wife Mean Jean.  They will spend an extra week in The Netherlands following his race.  

We all wish Bob the Best of Luck!  Go USA!