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About Our Team

The Dublin Sea Dragons is a club swim team that operates under the banner of USA Swimming. The Sea Dragons program runs year-round with 2 major seasons (Short Course in the Fall and Long Course in the Spring/Summer). The fall and winter season (short Course) runs 5-6 months throughout the winter, training at the DCRC and competing at local and on occasion out of town competitions on weekends. The spring and summer season (Long Course) runs 4-5 months training both indoor and outdoor with both local and travel competitions available. The Sea Dragons are available to both new swim team members and experienced athletes who have set high goals for advancement within the sport of swimming. There is the expectation that swimmers do know some key fundamentals of competitive swimming before participating.


Practice Group Descriptions


Mini Dragons

Mini Dragons are first-time and returning swimmers under the age of 7 who want to experience a swim team and learn the fundamentals of each stroke and starts and turns. Mini Dragons is not a learn-to-swim program. Before joining the Mini Dragons, swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke without stopping. They must also be comfortable in deep water and a group setting, away from parents or caretakers.


Age Group 1

Age Group 1 is for new and experienced 7-8-year-old swimmers who are already legal in at least two competitive strokes. This group will learn drills, and stroke techniques for the four competitive swim strokes, starts, and turns. They also learn the skills necessary to compete in swimming, such as working with teammates, following directions, listening to the coaches. Before joining Age Group 1, swimmers are expected to swim and kick 25 yards in at least 2 of the 4 competitive strokes without any stopping or assistance.


Age Group 2

Age Group 2 is for new and experienced 9-11-year-old swimmers who are legal in 3 competitive strokes and will continue to develop higher-level swimming skills in all strokes, racing dives, and turns. They also learn the skills necessary to compete in competitive swimming, such as working with teammates, following directions, listening to the coaches, using a pace clock, and racing strategies. Before joining Age Group 2, swimmers should be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and 25 yards of butterfly. And know the basics of racing starts and turns.


Age Group 3

The purpose of Age Group 3 is to refine and develop each stroke, turn, and racing dives for competition for 11-14-year-old swimmers who are newer to the sport of competitive swimming. Before joining Age Group 3, swimmers are expected to swim at least 50 yards or freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and 25 yards butterfly. They should also have basic knowledge of racing starts and turns. 


Green Group

The Green group is for 9 - 11-year-old competitive swimmers who have experience with year-round swimming. Swimmers in this group should be legal in all 4 competitive strokes and have a good start and turn technique. A willingness to accept higher levels of swim training and challenges is also necessary for those in this group. Even though this group will primarily focus on technique, swimmers should also be prepared to learn about endurance and race pace training. Championship meets and good practice attendance are requirements of this group. 


 White Group

This White group is for experienced competitive swimmers ages 11-13 who are serious about competitive swimming. These athletes have high goals and a desire to improve and compete at more competitive meets. 

This group focuses on race strategy, work ethic, endurance, and performing at a high level in both practices and competitions. 

Athletes in this group will be expected to act as examples and leaders to younger DCST swimmers both in and out of the water, demonstrate a higher level of maturity than those in the Green group, and focus on small technique details and race strategies. White group swimmers are highly encouraged to attend all practices. Championships meets are required. 


Orange Group

Orange group swimmers are 13-14 years old who demonstrate the ability to achieve JO time standards and/or present the ability to practice at a high level. If appropriate, those who have achieved (11-12) AAA Zone cuts will be considered for this group. The Orange group is the highest level for Sea Dragon age-group swimming. These athletes are expected to set realistic goals based on time standards and work to attain them, demonstrate time management, maturity, and a commitment to training. Orange Group swimmers are expected to attend all practices. Championship meets are required.


Senior Group

Senior group swimmers must be in high school or attending high school in the fall. Athletes are expected to set goals for the higher level meets within USA Swimming. Swimmers in this group must exhibit the maturity and ability necessary to train at a high level. Swimmers in this group will commit to year-round practice and competition. Swimmers will be expected to attend the highest-level meet for which they have qualified, at the Coaches' direction.


High School Senior Club

This group is for current Sea Dragon swimmers who are not selected for their high school team following high school swimming tryouts. This group allows swimmers to continue training during the high school swim season. 


Summer Fitness Swimming

This group is for 7th - 11th-grade competitive swimmers who do not want to train or compete in the summer-long course season but desire to continue training at a challenging level. Summer Fitness swimmers do not participate in competitions.