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USA Swimming's Parent information page

this site is full of articles and information regarding new parents and swimmers, meets, swimmer retention, nutrition...and more



Parents in swimming:

Glossory of swimming terms

Open Letter to Parents of swimmers

10 commandments for swimming parents

Parents and Practice

Swimming is an investment

Watching your child at swim practice

What is short and long course

Working with the coach

The Parent / Athlete relationship

Top 10 ways parents sabotoge kids

Top 10 ways swimmers sabotoge themselves

Nutrition / Recovery

Eating on the Road

Healthy Meals for Swimmers on the Go

Nutrition Quick Tips

Nutritional Recovery

Swimming and the art of Recovery

Water vs Sports Drink

Breakfast and Recovery Strategies for Swimmers

Swim Eats part 1

Swim Eats part 2




Winning starts Today

Swim Lingo

101 swimming tips

Importance of Self Confidence

Moving from summer league

Speed vs Effort

7 Steps to Successful swimming

Staying Focussed