Firestone Akron Swim Team

470 Castle Blvd | Akron, OH 44313 | P: 330.761.3274

Thank you for your interest in FAST! 


Minimum Requirement to make the team: Swimmers need to be able to swim a full 25yards (one length of the pool) freestyle, breathing to the side; and backstroke, both without stopping. 

Swimmers with previous competitive experience (USA/YMCA): Please contact Coach Erin for potential group placement before try-outs. Please include experience and official times to help with appropriate placement. 

  • Swimmers transferring from another USA Registered team and who have competed USA, will need to complete a USA Team Transfer Form. Please complete the form and send it to Pam Cook, LESI Registrar. Her info is on the form. This does not apply to JCC or Summer League swimmers. 

Try-Out Instructions- 

  • PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING: Only the swimmer(s) trying out and one (1) parent are permitted to enter the building for Try-outs. 
  • ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: ​Please do not arrive to the parking lot until 10 minutes prior to your scheduled starting time and do not exit your car until 5 minutes prior to the start of your try-out. 
    • Please enter at Door 13​- This is on the side of the building. 
    • Please exit at Door 14 
  • LOCKER ROOMS: Please be sure to arrive in your suit. Locker rooms are may be used after the tryout or for swimmer restrooms. No parents are permitted in the locker rooms. Adult restrooms are located in the hallway. 
  • Please bring goggles. Caps are optional, but bring one if you want to use one.  


Try-outs should last approximately 15 minutes. After try-outs, the swimmer and parent will receive instructions on how to register and which group your swimmer was placed in.


Swimmers must try-out, be registered and approved in order to attend practices. 


Once you register and your registration is approved, you will receive an email from TeamUnify (TU) asking to confirm your email. Please do so! This is where all our team information comes from. Please check your junk/spam folder, as sometimes it filters in there. A  FAST Newsletter is sent out every Monday. If you don't receive it by Monday evening, please let Coach Erin know.  




Registration for New Swimmers will open the evening try-outs take place. You must try-out in order to register. 


1. Scroll all the way down to the bottom (after reading the information) and select the green "Continue or Check Status" button. 


2. Follow all instructions. Be sure to fill in all emails that you'd like information to be sent to, including athlete’s email 14 & Over! Also, please fill in the SMS (Standard Messaging System) with your cell phone information to receive text messages that we may need to send last minute or with important information

    TRANSFERS ARE ONLY FOR THOSE TRANSFERING FROM ONE USA TEAM TO ANOTHER--see form above. This is NOT for those coming from AMSA, Country Club League, or the JCC. YMCA Swimmers should only fill this out IF they were registered as a USA Swimmer. 


3. Please be sure to mark the correct shirt size for your swimmer. This is how we know what size to order your swimmer for their team shirt and we do not order extra. 


4. Please visit our Fees, Practice Times, Meet Schedule Tabs for more info on those items. Fees inlcude a team shirt and USA Registration. 


5. Your swimmer may begin practices once you receive your email of approval from TeamUnify. Please allow up to 48 hours for approval. 



Please keep your swimmer home if the swimmer or someone in the family isn’t feeling well-fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or contact with someone with Covid. We want to take every precaution to be able to keep everyone healthy and swimming. Please be overly cautious! Swimmers or family members with these symptoms should seek medical treatment & remain home for 72-hours, symptom free, before returning to practice. Clearance to return must be approved by the Doctor & Coach Staff to return. 


Please email HERE for any absences PRIOR to the practice missing.



REQUIRED: If a swimmer is going to miss practice for any reason, an email MUST be sent to a coach PRIOR TO PRACTICE as to when and why they are missing. This just helps us keep track of where everyone is and gives the coaches some peace of mind as to why someone is missing. 


Required Equipment:



  • Keep us informed of health and Covid exposure, including mandatory quarantines from school. Please keep your swimmer home if they aren’t feeling well!


This schedule is tentative and subject to change


Please double check to see if your swimmer’s group is listed to attend the meet or the swimmer meets the qualification standards set for the meet prior to entering.

From the meet email you receive once a meet is eligible to register for:

  1. Click the link in the meet email “more information about this event”
  2. Sign into the website
  3. Select edit commitment 
  4. Select (swimmer) and then declare Yes, please sign (swimmer) up for this event
  5. The events will pop up and Mark the box on the far left of which events wish to swim

*If events are in RED, the swimmer is NOT eligible to swim those events due to not meeting the cut time for the meet. Events in RED should not be selected.

       6. Save at the bottom

OR to Register or check your events later:

  1. Log-in to our website
  2. Select the Calendar or Meet (Meet Entry drop down) Tabs at the top of the page or the Upcoming Events further down the Homepage
  3. Scroll to the Event
  4. Select Edit Commitment
  5. Follow steps 4-6 Above

If you don’t know what events to select for your swimmer or want the coach to select, either leave the events blank or write a comment in the comment section.Please remember that no late entries can be accepted!


Any Questions? Contact Coach Erin


Try-Out Appointment Sign-Up: Email Coach Erin