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Updated 9/30/2020


FAST will follow all our current and any future health guidelines and protocols set forth by the State and Local Summit County Health Departments, USA Swimming, Lake Erie Swimming, OHSAA, Akron Public Schools, and guidelines that any other facility also requires. We will always err on the side of caution. Our number one mission is to keep our kids as healthy and safe as we can while they are in the care of FAST.  

We expect everyone in the FAST family to practice social distancing both at and away from the pool. By doing this, it shows you respect your teammates, their families, and FAST staff. Should we feel anyone is consistently not adhering to social distancing guidelines, they or their family’s participation in FAST activities may be suspended. Our staff also reserves the right to discontinue practices at any time should they feel safety expectations are not being met.


  • Athletes will social distance at all times prior to, during, and leaving practice.
  • PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING: Only registered swimmers, coaches and lifeguards will be permitted in the building during pracitices. 
    • ​Parents may sit 6 feet apart at the windows or in their cars to view practice. We understand this may bring Safe Sport concerns. With the windows at Firestone, we feel these practices are open and observable to meet Safe Sport standards.  
  • MASKS: Everyone entering and leaving the building has to have their mask on at all times, including in the parking lot until they get into their cars.
    • Parents, if you are outside waiting for your swimmer and are within 6 feet of other adults, please also have your mask on. Those exercising on the track do not need to wear them while exercising, but should have them on while in the parking lot.
    • All Coaches and Guards will wear masks at all times 
  • ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: ​Please do not arrive to the parking lot until 10 minutes prior to practice starting and do not exit your car until 5 minutes prior to the start of practice.
    • Please enter at Door 13​-maintaining 6 Feet in line while waiting during health check
    • ​Parents of younger swimmers may walk their swimmer to Door 13 (back of building by football field) and meet their swimmer at Door 14 (front of Natatorium) at the end of practice. Please be sure to have a mask on during these times.
    • Please exit at Door 14
    • Please leave the parking lot immediately follwing practice. 
    • ​Swimmers will be given wipes when using the restroom to wipe down anything that is touched in the restroom/locker room areas. 
    • Swimmers must still wear their suits to practice to limit the amount of time spent in the locker room facilities.
    • 1) This is a privilege to use the locker room….do not abuse the privilege

      2) Athletes will have masks on before walking across the deck to the locker room

      3) Masks will remain on while the athlete changes

      4) There are areas in the locker rooms that are marked off for changing

      5) Limit of 14 athletes…coaches will monitor the number of athletes going into the locker rooms



      8) Athletes will go to one of the marked areas and quickly change; horseplay WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

      9) No more that 5 minutes to change. Learner and Explorer Group parents- PLEASE Stress this with your swimmers and help our littlest swimmers by having them wear clothes they can easily put on themselves

      10) Athlete must leave the locker room IMMEDIATELY after changing and leave the facility.

      11) Athletes that abuse the privilege will have their privileges revoked. ONE STRIKE POLICY!

      12) After all athletes have left the locker room, it will be sprayed with disinfectant.

  • TRAINING GROUPS: Athletes will remain with the same training groups to limit exposure between groups and for Coaches to maintain the ability to track athletes should there be a need to contract trace. FAST is recording attendance at every practice and has a map of where each swimmer is swimming each day for contact tracing purposes. 
  • HEALTH CHECK: Athletes will have their temperature checked upon arrival (outside door 13) and will not be permitted to enter should they show signs of a fever of 100.4F or higher. They will also be asked if they have a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or have been in knowing-contact of someone with Covid. If your swimmer has any of these symptoms prior to practice or within 72-hours of practice, please use the Missing Practice Procedures below and DO NOT send them to practice. 
  • LANE ASSIGNMENTS/DRY ITEM PLACEMENTS: Prior to their 1st practice, each swimmer will be given a lane assignment and dry item placement to use each day to maintain social distancing at all times. 
    • ​We will operate the number of swimmers per lane in accordance with the numbers provided by the local health department
  • WATERBOTTLES: Each athlete should bring a FILLED waterbottle to each practice. Waterfountains are closed. Bottle re-fill is only to be used should an athlete run out of water during practice on a limited basis. 
  • EQUIPMENT: All equipment should be brought to practice and taken home each day. Equipment cannot be stored at Firestone. 
  • CLEANING/SANITIZING: Coaches/Staff will be cleaning & sanitizing with cleaners provided by the school and health department, & checking pool chemicals between every practice. A deep clean of the facility will occur at least once a week. 
You may have to hit edit and rotate your screen during the video (sorry). Make sure your athlete watches this video prior to attending their first practice!
Please keep your swimmer home if the swimmer or someone in the family isn’t feeling well-fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or contact with someone with Covid. We want to take every precaution to be able to keep everyone healthy and swimming. Please be overly cautious! Swimmers or family members with these symptoms should seek medical treatment & remain home for 72-hours, symptom free, before returning to practice. Clearance to return must be approved by the Doctor & Coach Staff to return. 
REQUIRED: If a swimmer is going to miss practice for any reason, an email MUST be sent to a coach PRIOR TO PRACTICE as to when and why they are missing. This just helps us keep track of where everyone is and gives the coaches some peace of mind as to why someone is missing. 

Email: Coach Cindy

Email: Coach Carl

Email: Coach Erin

WRITTEN NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENT: Those planning on traveling, please be aware that we are requiring written notification PRIOR TO TRAVEL of when you are leaving, where you are going (exact location), and when you will be returning, plus your end date for quarantining.
QUARANTINES:  Please follow the CDC guidelines on located in the link:


Due to health guidelines, FAST can no longer provide equipment to use at practice. Each swimmer will need to bring their own personal equipment to practice and take it home with them afterwards. You may purchase equipment through the speedo website or our team vender (with a team discount) at and email our team representative, Mo Ebel at [email protected]. Let her know you are with FAST. For a list of equipment by group, please visit our equipment page:

Don't forget goggles! FAST will provide each swimmer with a latex cap. Silicone caps can be purchased for $12/cash at practice. 


Should someone test positive in our membership the following measures will take place

a. The individual MUST let the Coaching Staff know immediately. 
b. The Summit County Health Department will be notified immediately upon FAST's knowledge of a positive test. FAST will then follow all instructions given to us by the Health Department.
c. The facility will be shut down for no less than 24 hours to deep clean and sanitize per Health Department guidelines.
d. Athletes with positive cases will not be permitted at practice until approval is received in writing by a Doctor and the notice is given to the Coaching Staff for approval to return.
If you have any questions/concerns, please let the Coaches know. 
Thank you and Stay Healthy!
-FAST Coaches & Parent Board


Twice daily, check for the following signs or symptoms of respiratory Infection: