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Missing Practice Procedure

We are requesting that if a swimmer is going to miss practice for any reason that an email be sent ahead of time as to when and why they are missing. This just helps us keep track of where everyone is and gives the coaches some peace of mind through all the craziness. Thank you in advance. 


MANDATORY: Read FAST Re-Entry to Practice Information and Procedures Letter to the Team


MANDATORY:  Watch FAST Protocol Video for Practice 


Effective immediately, we have to enforce the Governor’s mask order and travel guidelines for quarantine. We have some families who are currently on vacation or heading out for vacation, so please be aware that these guidelines are in effect.

MASKS: We do ask that everyone entering and leaving the building continue to have their mask on at all time, including in the parking lot until they get into their cars. Parents, if you are outside waiting for your swimmer and are within 6 feet of other adults, please also have your mask on. Those exercising on the track do not need to wear it while exercising, but should have it on while in the parking lot.

TRAVEL QUARANTINES: Those on vacation, just recently returning, or heading on vacation, please be aware that we are still requiring written notification of when you are leaving, where you are going (exact location), and when you will be returning, plus your end date for quarantining.

The Governor’s new guidelines for quarantine went into effect on 7/22/2020:

These states will now require a 14-day quarantine (we will update as the Governor updates):  Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico, and LA County in California.

Please continue to email the coaches should your swimmer have to miss practice and the reasoning. We are just trying to keep track to help put our minds at ease and ensure everyone’s health and safety are our main priority, while keeping our program up and running.

FAST Covid-19 Policy Update- 6/15/2020
As we have people traveling for summer vacations and in lieu of the outbreak at the University of Texas in their Athletic Programs, forcing them to shut down, we want to remind and lay out two (2) key points:
  1. If the swimmer has traveled-
    1. OUT OF THE STATE of Ohio, they must be symptom free for 72 hours before they are permitted to return to practice. 
    2. INTERNATIONALLY, they must be symptom free after a 14-day quarantine before they are permitted to return to practice.
RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT/SWIMMER for TRAVEL: FAST will need to know, in writing, where the travel occurred; date of return to Ohio; end date of the 72-hour or 14-day quarantine PRIOR to the return to practice. 
2. POSITIVE TEST PROCEDURE: Should someone test positive in our membership the following measures will take place: 
a. The individual MUST let the Coaching Staff know immediately. 
b. The Summit County Health Department will be notified immediately upon FAST's knowledge of a positive test. FAST will then follow all instructions given to us by the Health Department.
c. The facility will be shut down for no less than 24 hours to deep clean and sanitize per Health Department guidelines.
*FAST has been recording attendance at every practice and has a map of where each swimmer is swimming each day for contact tracing purposes. 

If you any questions/concerns, please let the Coaches know. 

Thank you and Stay Healthy!
-FAST Coaches & Parent Board