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FAST Newsletter: Week of June 29, 2020

Erin Crabtree
FAST Newsletter: Week of June 29, 2020

A Message From The Board: 

Hello FAST family!


We personally couldn’t be prouder of our coaches and team for providing a safe place for our swimmers.  Unfortunately due to the current circumstances, our FAST Golf Outing has been cancelled. This was a big fundraiser for us, so  we are now hosting a silent auction that will be online.  The auction will go live July 15th and end July 19th.  Many of the items are donated or made by FAST swimmers, parents and even grandparents.  If you happened to get outbid, there is always the option to make a monetary donation.  We need the team support during these unforeseeable times.  Be on the look out for some really unique items that we will be showcasing in the newsletter and on FB. 


Thank you,


FAST Board

Some Items that will be up for Auction!


Coach Carl's handy work! You'll be able to personalize it for your needs, as it will come unstained or painted, and will not include benches, so add your own unique seating! 

FAST Ribbon & Medal holder made by Grandpa Jackson. 


As mentioned before with the new Covid Policy and letting us know if you are going on vacation, when you'll return, and when your quarantine is over, if you could just email us if you are going to miss practice and a quick reason why. With cases rising and hearing about some locally, we just want to be in the loop as to why a swimmer is not at practice. It doesn't have to be detailed, but just a quick email would be great! It helps put our minds at ease in trying to keep everyone in and out of the pool safe and healthy. 

July Fees/Schedule

Please click the links for July Fees and Practice Schedules. Registration and Fees will automatically roll over for July. You do NOT need to do anything on your end. 

College Athletes

We know you will all be leaving at various times in August. In order to not charge your for the entire month (unless you will be here all of August), we need the date of your last practice emailed to Coach Erin by JULY 15, so we can adjust August billing on time. If you do not do this, there is a chance you will be charged for the entire month of August. 

Senior Group

Friday will be Fast Suit Friday. Please COME IN an old tech suit (no locker rooms to change) and be ready to do some fast swimming and racing off the blocks! Woohoo! If you don't have an old tech suit, wear a suit you feel comfortable racing in or see if you can borrow one from a teammate. 


Registration is open for practice to start on July 6. Please check your emails from last week with registration information and a list of links to order equipment. Some equipment is mandatory, so please make sure to get that ordered so it's here in time for practice. If you need any of this information or have any questions, please email Coach Erin. You will be receiving more info about the first practice this coming weekend. 


Thank you to all who have already completed these trainings! We still have a ways to go to meet our team requirement, so please make sure to get on and complete it! IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THIS YET, WE NEED ALL PARENTS AND ATHLETES 12 & OVER TO COMPLETE ASAP-THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL! 


Please click the link below to take to you the page with all the information. Thank you!