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12 & Under Tech Suit Ban/Approved Suits

Erin Crabtree

Hello Familes of 12 & Unders-

The USA Swimming Tech Suit Ban went into effect for 12-and-under swimmers beginning September 1, 2020. This decision was voted on by USA Swimming's House of Delegates one(1) year ago to keep younger swimmers in the sport longer without pricing them out with expensive tech suits AND to show young swimmers that it is not the suit that makes them swim fast, but the swimmer themself. We are not saying you have to have a tech suit, but if you currently have one or plan to purchase one, please check the lists below to make sure they are on the legal, approved list. All new suits that are legal for 12 & Unders will include a GREEN check mark by the FINA logo. 

Below are complete lists of the suits that will be restricted for athletes 12 and under, and then a list of those tech suits that will be allowed for athletes 12 and under:

If you have any questions, please let us know!