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Akron U Covid Protocols & Parking Information

Erin Crabtree

Please review the following information, with your swimmer, about parking and covid protocols at Akron University. 

Swim Team Practice Policies and Procedures

Entry into the facility

1. Swimmers will not be allowed into the facility until 5-minutes prior to scheduled practice time and will be

required to wear a face covering. Face covering must remain in place until you are ready to get into the pool.

2. Parents will not be allowed into the facility, but may walk to ONAT front doors to drop-off swimmer

a. If parent is going to park car and walk swimmer to door, use Lot #1, parking deck on corner of Carroll

and Spicer Streets.

3. Swimmers should come dressed in bathing suit for practice and avoid using the locker rooms

4. Coach, or designated parent volunteer, will meet swimmers at front doors and swipe them in using self-scanner.

5. Swimmers and Coaches will follow the floor markings into the pool area and designated team areas.


Locker Rooms and Restrooms

1. Locker Room area is open, but, we are asking swimmers to come “suited up” for practice and to avoid using the

locker room as often as possible.

2. Showers will be off limits for after practice use.

3. Restrooms are available in the following locations:

a. At the front of the ONAT near the check-in desk; only to be used when entering the facility

b. In the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms

4. At the end of practice, we are asking teams to avoid using the locker room and go home “suited up.”


Pool Deck and Water

1. Coaches must keep facial covering in place for the duration of practice, with both mouth and nose always covered.

2. Teams will be assigned a space on the pool deck where swimmers can store swim bags.

a. There will be 4 team locations on the pool deck and teams will be assigned space based on where they

are practicing on that day.

3. Swimmers should drop their bag and belongings off in the designated team location

4. Swimmers and coaches may not enter the following rooms on the pool deck;

a. Store room at the east end of pool deck; all equipment must be brought in daily by the team, nothing may be stored on-site

b. Hospitality room at the east end of the pool deck where the ice machine is stored; swimmers and coaches may not

enter that room to get a bag of ice

c. Radio room on the north wall is off limits and no equipment can be stored in that space


After Practice

1. Swimmers will be asked to vacate the pool deck as quickly as possible, so that surfaces can be disinfected

prior to next set of practices starting. Goal is to have swimmers off the pool deck within 5-minutes of end of practice.

2. Coaches are asked to help spray down your team bleacher area with provided disinfectant.

3. Swimmers and Coaches will exit the facility at East End of ONAT hallway (door by Racquetball Court #9) into

Parking Lot #8

4. Parents may pick-up child in Parking Lot #8



Parking Services is using a new process & everything is done online. There are 2 options (with instructions).

  • Paid option: instructions are below for how to purchase a pass, done now in monthly increments.

Most of the lots that surround the ONAT are included in this pass option (Lots 8 & 10).

  • Free option: anyone wishing to utilize the free pass option for Lot #1 (parking deck) should use this link.

When you fill out the form on the link, whatever email you use, will get an attachment emailed to you with

instructions on how to sign-up for the Free Pass. Free pass will be valid thru August.


All pick-ups after practice should occur in Lot 8 or 10, as swimmers will all be sent out the doors by

Racquetball Court #9.