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How to Register for Meets

Erin Crabtree


Please double check to see if your swimmer’s group is listed to attend the meet or the swimmer meets the qualification standards set for the meet prior to entering.


From the meet email you receive once a meet is eligible to register for:

  1. Click the link in the meet email “more information about this event”
  2. Sign into the website
  3. Select edit commitment 
  4. Select (swimmer) and then declare Yes, please sign (swimmer) up for this event
  5. The events will pop up and Mark the box on the far left of which events wish to swim

*If events are in RED, the swimmer is NOT eligible to swim those events due to not meeting the cut time for the meet. Events in RED should not be selected.

  1. Save at the bottom


OR to Register or check your events later:

  1. Log-in to our website
  2. Select the Meet Sign Up or Meet (Meet Entry drop down) Tabs at the top of the page or the Upcoming Events further down the Homepage
  3. Scroll to the Event
  4. Select Edit Commitment
  5. Follow steps 4-6 Above


If you don’t know what events to select for your swimmer or want the coach to select, either leave the events blank or write a comment in the comment section.

Please remember that no late entries can be accepted!