As a member club of USA Swimming, Findlay Area Swim Team is held to high standards both in and out of the pool.  We place great importance on the safety of our swimmers and the integrity of everyone involved with the program.  Below are team policies which must be read by each swimmer and parent who choose to join our swim family. You will read and agree to the policies during the online registration process. 


To deal with a safe sport concern, contact USA Swimming at (719) 866-4578

Contact the U.S. Center for Safe Sport to make a report. Call (720) 524-5640 or use the online reporting form or find more information here.



Safe Sport Coordinator- Austin Axe 

Contact at 419-215-6445 or by email [email protected]

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy

Parent & Swimmer Code of Conduct

Safe Sport Best Practice Guidelines

Photography Policy

Ohio Concussion Law

Address Plan to Address Bullying

Coach Code of Conduct