Steve Nye


  We are in utter dire need of officials in our sport. We, as a team, were already thin but with the COVID pandemic year we had our sport (and our team) lost a slew of our remaining officials. Becoming an official isn't about DQ'ing kids... it's about making sure our athletes have a safe and fair environment in which to compete under the guidance and direction of trained eyes. Without officials we simply cannot run meets. 

  You don't have to have a huge background in the sport in order to help out. The training along the way to educate you, give you experience and provide you with confidence is excellent here within our sport. As your knowledge grows you may expand your responsibilities at the meet but you're started off at a very controlled pace acting as an apprentice along side experienced officials so that you can be guided through with care. 

  We have a GREAT program to help out those who help us out by becoming an official. Attached are the guidelines we have been using these past few years. I often amend these (amounts of reimbursemet, etc.) but you'll see that we really help out those who are helping out our sport.

  PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING OUT IF YOU WOULD. Feel free to contact me wit questions. I am not really the one to ask about the finer points of what's all required so I would suggest contacting our local official's chair, Mike Yeager, at [email protected] I can answer questions about how we help you out as officials, what's expected in terms of your help here at GCSTO and such but other "officiating" questions should go to Mike.

Here is the upcoming spring clinic information that I received yesterday. PLEASE let me know if you'd be interested in attending because I cannot express enough how much the herlp is needed. THANKS!   

Spring Officials Clinics
Zoom link for Specialized Clinics
May 11 @ 7:00 PM - New Stroke & Turn Officials (ST)
May 13 @ 7:00 PM - New Administrative Officials (AO)
May 18 @ 7:00 PM - Starter Clinic (SR)
Meeting ID: 970 6986 7904
Passcode: 959653
Registration for Spring Officials Clinic
May 20 7:00 PM